Interfacing Nokia 6100 color LCD to AVR controller

Thomas Pfeifer has connected Nokia 6100 132×132 pixel 4096 color LCD to an AVR microcontroller. LCD is also used in Nokia 6100, 7200, 6610, 7250, and 6220. He connected LCD to Atmega8 microcontroller:


There are two types of displays: with Epson chipset(S1D15G10) and Philips(PCF8833), he wrote code for Philips chipset. Firmware is written in AVR-GCC language, where images can be uploaded via serial cable. Also there are few videos view sample video on how it works AVR-3D-Engine.

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  1. Hi there,

    just wantet to let you know, that your contact page is broken.

    BTW: Nice site.


  2. Thank you for notice, Alex.
    The error has been corrected. Sorry for inconveniences.

  3. hey i ve orange layer pcd but the chip ()smd -16 pin mostly is on main pcb no chip with lcd so what i ve 2 do 2 use tat lcd????????

  4. Hi.

    I m new here can anyone pls tell me where to get circuit idea and related .hex and .asm files for it or anyother related prog.


  5. Why don you follow the link under article
    use any Atmega8 board and connect it to LCD with 4 wires (port B) as it is shown in table. And be sure to connect voltages correctly.

  6. Hi
    I ve a laptop 17″ lcd panel and want to use it and drive it with avr.
    can you tell me connections on a general lcd panel and how to use it.
    i mean if there is some command like a character lcd tel me them
    thank you

  7. I implemented this LCD on an AVR chip and surgically attached it to my dog’s head.

    All kidding a side, this was the first demo that got me up and running and just wanted to say thanks for sharing your knowledge.


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  9. Hi
    I want the control lcd nokia n73.
    If you solved the problem,conect by me.
    tanks & very mach.

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