How To Taste A Cigar

Tasting a cigar might seem like an effortless act to undertake. However, it will take a lot of expertise to recognize the individual flavors associated with the cigar. Similarly, how perfect the tasting exercise will be is greatly determined by how well your palates are developed.


At times, a little relaxation could help you enjoy the cigar tasting exercise. This is the opportune time to feel the individual flavors of the cigar stogies at your disposal. You may be a beginner or wonder what cigars Arnold Schwarzenegger smokes, and curiosity bought you here. While you may find some cigar flavors bold and easily identifiable, others will be presented as subtle hints that require optimal concentration.

Here’s a comprehensive guideline on how to taste a cigar.

Be Keen to Taste it Before Lighting

Take a little time to hold the cigar stogie in your mouth before lighting it. This gives a great indication of the quality of smoke you are going to enjoy. The presence of a sweet flavor is a clear indication that you are holding a great smoke item. Comparatively, the maker could have used poor quality tobacco if the cigar has an acidic flavor.

Smoke it Without Any Hurry

Smoking slowly is the traditional rule of thumb for any taster who wants to accurately report the cigar stogie at his disposal. In particular, smoking slowly could be of great importance if you seek to expand your flavor experiences. Be sure to leave a sizable time lapse between each draw, giving the smoke some moment to linger in your mouth.

Ask a veteran cigar taster. They will reveal to you that slowing down the smoking rate minimizes the chances that the cigar will overheat and the tendency to burn the desired tobacco flavors. In particular, smoking slowly allows you to enjoy a more prominent aftertaste with the full ability to feel the flavors.

Check the Flavors in the Smoke

It is normal to think that the flavors of your favorite cigar are in the taste. However, you might be shocked to know that most of the cigar detectors are in the nose. The tasters in the nose will outnumber those in the mouth region.

Take a little time to retro-hale your cigar puffs if you want to get the whole experience of the flavors in your stogie. You may also exhale a fraction of the smoke via the nose. You may attain this by releasing about 75% of the cigar smoke through the mouth and the remaining 25% through the nose.

Keep your Palate Protected

You may never get the full flavor of a cigar if your palate has suffered contamination of the foods you have been ingesting all through. Be keen to clean your palate by following the professionally prescribed procedures.

It would be advisable to carry a glass of water with you as the only drink as other refreshments may interfere with the authentic taste of the cigar.

In essence, foreign drinks will fill your mouth with lots of tastes to the mix. Similarly, it is advisable not to smoke other brands of cigar before taking the tasting exercise. Be sure to go for the mildest brand if you must take a few puffs before tasting.

These are few of the steps to think about when you are using a cigar.

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