How To Keep A Cat Out Of A Room

Has your cat developed a sassy behavior? While this is something you can expect from your cats, remember that there are times when you cannot stand them in your room or all over your furniture. Well, it doesn’t mean that you don’t like your fluffy pet just because you want her out of your room (probably your bedroom).

surprised cat

There’s an endless list of rational reasons why you want to kick her out of a particular room; even if you have the best cat proof couch cover, they can still destroy them! The lists are numberless, from the latest mannerisms to allergic reactions or a new baby in the house. 

To avoid dangerous allergic reactions, one must take care of the diet of their cats. Be it cooked or raw cat food, and it needs to be checked before giving it to the pets.

Even with these clear reasons, the biggest dilemma lies in the method you will adopt to ensure that the kitty is out of the room and your relationship remains as perfect as ever. No one wants to be bothered by their cat (despite his nature as a bestie), mainly when she makes the final decision that she wants a meal at 3 a.m.

Here are five proven ways to keep your cat out of a room without disrupting its state of peace.

Try a Cat Training Spray

Have you ever heard of a cat training spray? Well, it could work the miracle you are looking for in your life. However, you need to develop an inventive mind when adopting a cat training spray to restrain the kitty from entering the “forbidden room.”

Cat training sprays have a motion sensor. You’ll only need to place the sensor on the path where the kitty frequently uses when entering the room. The sensor device will release an airburst that will force the kitty to retreat whenever he tries having his way to the room.

Give The Kitty A Spray of Water

Yes, spraying your cat with water is probably one of the oldest methods of preventing its entry into a room. However, this method will require your physical presence to work effectively. Kitties hate watery environments; they will do anything in their possibility to avoid the room where it gets the “shower”.

Train the Kitty To Stay Out Of The Room

Any pet keeper will tell you that cats learn very quickly. You may take a fraction of your time to train the kitty to stay outside the targeted room. Distraction techniques like motion sensors that give an alarm when the fluffy friend has just reached the doormat will help the cat learn to stay away from the restricted room.

Install a Barrier or Gate

This could be the easiest way to keep your feline buddy out of a room. Try being creative and install a pet gate, baby gate, or other forms of barriers that will help you block off the room while keeping the kitty entertained on the other side. However, it would be best to put in mind that cats are extremely agile creatures.


Make The Room Uncomfortable For Mr. Cat

You must put your mind processes to task when choosing this as a method of restraining your cat from entering the room. Be sure that you know your cat, what it likes and what it dislikes.

However, you must be extra keen to ensure that the “unfavorable” environment isn’t harmful to the feline friend. Things like loud, unpleasant sounds and doing a full vinegar spray in the room could help a great deal. You may also have incense burning in the room, or a citrus spray could be unfavorable for kitties.

These are all a few tips that you can take advantage of to ensure that your cat stays within certain boundaries!

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