How to Play Games on Your Google Home

For centuries humans have been keen on interacting with machines that converse and behave like other humans. Finally, we have successfully come up with voice assistants like Google Homes and Google Assistant, which fit right into your pockets and can understand your ins and outs without any cost. Google Assistant has been a part of our families for more than two years now and is a popular element of a smart home.

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We bet you didn’t leave a day without asking google assistant any bizarre questions like, is there such a thing as no minimum deposit casinos. But have you ever tried asking non-clichéd fun questions to google assistant? For example, “Ok Google, play ding dong coconut?” Or “Hey Google, play at non Gamstop sites with no deposit?”. Well, if you haven’t, then you are yet to discover the fun-filled uncharted waters of Google Home. There is a lot more to Google Homes than just controlling your smart home devices or streaming music by the regular “Google Play Music” command. Keeping that in mind, we present you with a guide to playing enthralling games and exploring fun stuff on Google Homes via Google Assistant.

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is Google’s voice assistant that can pull off essential information for you using voice command, voice-searching, or voice-activated device control technology. It’s an AI-enabled virtual assistant robot that is capable of interacting and behaving like humans. On asking a few questions, AI technology picks up your voice first and replies to your queries.

If you want to have a conversational interaction or make it perform some action, turn on the Google Assistant button by saying “Hey Google” or “Ok Google.” Originally launched by Google Home and Google Pixel Smartphones, it can now be used on nearly all Android OS devices. Although it is native to any Google Nest smart speaker or smart display, it also can be used on any smart speaker from third-party manufacturers. These smart speakers provide excellent language recognition and are easy to talk to. The smart displays are feasibly designed for visually led games and provide a real-life experience with various options when combined with the smart speakers. The smart devices run Google Assistant and allow a variety of services and apps.

About Google Home Games

Google Home enables both kids and adults to play various single and multi-player games. You can play interactive games using just your voice, and these range from an adventure game to a mind-boggling animal trivia game. There are some games specially made for teen audiences that let you interact with Dustin from Stranger Things. Some games show a basic user interface, but others make the graphics visible on smart displays like Google Nest displays. Voice-controlled Google Home device offers more than five games: a trivia game, an adventure game, a fun trivia game, an interactive game, and a memory game.

Say Hey Google Play a Game

Want to start playing games on your Google Home? Just ask your Google Assistant to do it via a device that supports the assistant.

Note: Your mic must stay on for parts of the games that require you to hear and speak out. But you can stop or pause it anytime. To stop, cancel, or pause or mic say:

  • Cancel
  • Stop
  • Quit
  • Exit
  • Pause

If you aren’t sure if your mic is on, look at the top left of your screen and notice the listening bubble. If the mic is on, the bubble will be expanded.

To start, say, “Ok Google, play a game,” or “Hey Google, talk to Are You Feeling Lucky.”

To exit the game or stop playing say “Hey Google, cancel,” “Hey Google, exit,” or “Hey Google, stop.” You can even swipe right on the assistant device to achieve the same.

Must-Try Games on Google Home


Jeopardy is a hit TV show-based game that you can try on your Google Home device. The six clues are updated regularly, and the topics range from sports, travel, pop culture, and world history. The visuals and sound effects make the game authentic.

To get started, say, “Hey Google, play Jeopardy.”

Jungle Adventure

This interactive adventure game helps you explore caves, raft down rivers, climb trees, and much more in search of a lost cave. If you’re a fan of Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, or Dora, the Explorer, then this is exactly what you’re looking for.

To start, say, “Hey, Google, play Jungle Adventure.”

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse Adventure has two options: Story Time and Magic Show. Mickey Mouse has a magic show to perform, but he asks for your help to find his stage. Whereas, In Mickey Mouse Adventure Story Time, you can ask Mickey to read you a story.

To start the game, say “Hey Google, play Mickey Mouse Adventure.”

Wait Wait Quiz

If you enjoy short 5 minutes quizzes, then this game might interest you. The trivia is updated regularly and is based on the week’s current events. You can call your friends to play along with you.

To start, say, “Hey Google, talk to the Wait Wait Quiz!”

Song Quiz

A song-pop music game that lets you correctly guess your favorite songs according to short clips of the song, song title, song name, or the artists in it. You get to choose the music era and the music genre as well.

To start the song quiz, say, “Hey Google, talk to Song Quiz.”

Lucky trivia

Lucky Trivia is a fun trivia game show that will test your knowledge in various sports, culture, science, math, geography, pop culture, etc. One to five people can play this quiz at a time. The question complexity ranges from moderate to difficult. 

To start, say, “Hey Google, I’m Feeling Lucky” or “Ok Google, Play Lucky Trivia.”

Mad Libs

Mad Libs is a word game where you can fill in the blanks with random words to make a surprising and funny story. The game is available for both kids and adults. Your whole family can play the Mad Libs game, and it has more than 50 stories to keep you all engaged.

Mad Libs can be played by saying, “Hey Google, let’s play Mad Libs.”

Star Wars Trivia Game

Star Wars Trivia is a fun game for mature or teen audiences. You showcase your Star Wars Knowledge by answering questions about the Star war movies and galaxies. The game is full of challenging questions and facts that make it more interesting.

Say “Hey Google, let’s play Star Wars Trivia.”

Ding Dong Coconut

Ding Dong Coconut is a memory game with a mix of sounds and words. You need to pair the words with different sounds and answer them correctly. Google Home assigns you a new sound in every round that can range from a dog’s bark or a leaf falling. You will have to remember them to advance into further rounds. And this is where the game gets challenging.

Say “Hey Google, let’s play Ding Dong Coconut.”

Animal Trivia

Animal Trivia is an interesting trivia game. The game tests your knowledge based on animals and gives you insights into some amazing and cool facts about them. The reward – You get to increase your general knowledge about wild and domestic animals and learn to appreciate nature.

To start, say, “Hey Google, let’s play Animal Trivia.”

Classic Hangman

The classic word game lets you figure out a hidden word by just guessing its letters. You lose if you guess the incorrect letters. You win by beating your random opponent by guessing as many words as you can. The game complexity depends on how many rounds you wish to undertake.

Say, “Ok, Google, talk to Classic Hangman.”

Freeze Dance

This groovy game can be played with your friends or the whole family. The gameplay is pretty simple. You will have to dance for a little while till the music stops playing, then freeze where you are. If you’re not a dance fan, then you can ask google home to opt for the musical chairs option.

To start, say, “Ok Google, play Freeze Dance.”

Sub War

In this thrilling game, you command a submarine as a captain and you will have to destroy the other submarine in the strait. The game gives you the location of your submarine, and you can ping other submarine locations by using sonar. You have to keep a count on your ammo since the game will provide you with only limited firepower.

To start, say, “Ok, Google, let’s play Sub War”.

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