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How to create effective Banner Ads

Banner ads are the most popular form of online advertisement. They attract a Web visitor’s attention; it depends upon the creator of these, whether he makes them interesting-looking or they annoy the user. You can look at some great banner ads examples to inspire yourself before creating your own banner.

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Their goal is to increase the visitors to the hosting website; from there, you can check that specific item or deal. You can check other multiple cool items; you will become familiar with the brand and like them. Meanwhile, they offer various sales, discounts and earn traffic to their hosting website in return. They work by doing the following things:

  • Traffic on the hosting website: By getting the customers to click on these banner ads, you will get traffic in return on your website.
  • Announce sales and discounts: The banner ads are made to tell the world about what special features you are offering the world by your brand. It can be anything, sales, discounts, new stock, etc.
  • Sell Your products: When you get to trick the other website’s visitor to come and visit your website, you have brought yourself a potential customer. With the increase in traffic, more people will come and buy from your online store.

How to make a perfect banner ad?

Your banner ad might be your only chance to attract your customer from another website, so design it creatively with full effort. Here are some tips:

  • Grab the reader’s attention by using attractive and affirmative words, like “Look here,” ” For you,” etc. Write the creative heading to attract their attention.
  • Use the best copywriting technique or hire a copywriter to create a unique copy aimed to get the attention and click of a reader.
  • Select a relevant image or animation to attract the attention of your potential customers. It would be best if you kept the color combination that attracts attention rather than dull combinations.
  • After writing a perfect copy, focus on the call to action; an accurate, on-point call to action can do wonders; it can make a person click the ad or ignore it and swipe down.
  • Add an offer on the banner to make it worth it. Write the word “sale” or “limited time off” to attract their attention.
  • Similarly, make several ads containing multiple products, and use various websites for ad posting to get maximum traffic.

Final thoughts

Banner ads are image-based ads displayed on the sides or header or footer of a website. You can click and visit the original site and buy some products from there. Use them to achieve good statistics for your company and sell your deals.

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