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Brewing Your Own Beer: Here Are 5 Must-Have Things You Would Need

Brewing your beer might sound like a good thing. Not only will you be able to make some healthy beer for yourself, but you can save a fortune that would have been lost buying your beer.


Making a beer is not a difficult task; with little effort and a fractional cost of the commercial beer, you can make beer at your home. The simplest method uses a single fermenting process so that you would need a single container.

This is the same method Melvin Brewing uses and produces some of the finest beers for its customers. To know more about them, you can visit their website.

Equipment You Need

The best part of brewing beer in your home is that your nearest beer-making supply shop or hardware stores can easily find the equipment you need. Here is a list of equipment that you would need to brew beer at home.

  • One 10 gallons, food-grade, plastic pail with a lid.
  • A siphon hose.
  • Hose clamps.
  • Twelve 2L plastic pop bottles with lid.
  • Hydrometer.

Must-Have Ingredients To Make Beer

We all know how delicious cold chilled beer tastes like, and some of them even believe that there are special ingredients to make beer so tasty. If you go through the ingredients below, you will find nothing special about the ingredients. In fact, some of the ingredients will be in your home as we speak.

1. Water

The most important constituent of beer is water. When we talk about how different regions have different types of beer. It is because of the different types of water found in the different regions. It is the water that imparts that regional flavor to the beer.

To get the best possible brew, it is advisable to carbon filter the water before you use it to make beer. 

2. Malt

The starch source of the beer comes from Malt. It provides a fermentable material and determines the strength of the beer. Malt is soaked in water to initiate germination and partially fried before being used to make beer.

The malting grain produces enzymes that convert starch into sugar to initiate the fermentation process. You can bring out different colors of Malt with different roasting times and treating it with different temperatures.

3. Sugar

Adding sugar catalyzes the fermenting process and gives a different flavor to the beer. If you are using Malt extract, then sugar becomes just an option that can or cannot be used to make beer.

4. Hops

Hops are used to impart the flavors we are so used to. The flower of the hops vines is used as flavoring and preservative agents. The other aspect of using hops is that it counterbalances the sweetness of the Math with its bitterness.

5. Yeast

Yeast is a living organism that is responsible for converting sugar to alcohol. The strains of the years can be used to brew different batches of beer. There are different types of yeast in the market; some influence the beer’s flavor, while some are neutral.

How To Brew?

The process of brewing beer in your home is quite simple. There are only three major steps that you need to follow.


Experts believe that 75% of brewing is all about proper sanitization. Clean all your equipment with warm and soapy water. Remove any additional odor coming from the equipment. This ensures that your equipment is in good condition and does not affect the taste of the brewed beer.


  • Pour 10L water into the 10-gallon jar.
  • Add Malt extract and cook for 20 minutes with an open lid.
  • Now add sugar, stir until it is dissolved.
  • Once the sugar is dissolved, take the mixture into a container and mix air in the mixture.
  • Aad water to the mixture, sprinkle some yeast and cover the lid.
  • Fill the bottle with the mixture and let it ferment.
  • Once the fermentation process is complete, you will enjoy your home-brewed beer.


There you have it; now you know how to brew beer in your home and what ingredients and equipment are needed to complete the process. If you are really going to try making beer reading this article, please let us know how it ends up for you.

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