How do you Make a Video of Your Screen?

A screen recording is, in fact, a video of what is happening on the screen of your mobile device or PC. As you see it while you are at it, it is the screen but a recording of it.

screen recording

A screen recording is extremely useful for instructional videos, for example, where you want to explicitly show your viewers what steps they have to go through to get something done. Screen recordings are also a must for game videos.

Making an instruction video

You can outsource this, but you can also do it yourself, for example, based on a screen recording. There is nothing easier for a viewer than following the movements you make on your screen 1 on 1.

In practice, this works a lot better for learning something than just following a written explanation, or listening to an explanation without a picture.

Overview of different screen capture software

There are several programs on the market with which you can easily make a video of your screen, both for your phone and for your PC.

Below is a list of the names of suitable programs. The programs are then individually highlighted.

  • QuickTime
  • RecordCast
  • Open Broadcasting Software
  • Screencast-O-Matic
  • CamStudio
  • AZ Screen Recorder
  • Xbox APP

Take screen recording with QuickTime

QuickTime comes standard with every Mac device. The recording screen is a feature that many people do not see, but it’s definitely there. You can choose to record a window, your entire screen or part of your screen. The microphone allows you to tell your viewers (for example, students) more about your video. QuickTime is not a video editing program, and you need additional apps for this. QuickTime is no longer developed by Apple, but can still be downloaded from the website.

screen recording with QuickTime

Make a video of your screen with RecordCast

RecordCast offers you an easy way to make screencasts online. An advantage is that you can use it on both Mac and Windows. In addition, the program also allows you to edit your videos using the included software.

screen with RecordCast

The program is accessible through the website. All you have to do is click on Start Recording. You can make recordings as long as you want and edit the screencasts if possible. Anyway, you can use it easily with many guides and tips.

Use Open Broadcasting Software as a screen capture software

Open Broadcasting Software (OBS for short) is ideal for recording videos and for live streaming. Your videos are instantly Full HD, and you do not suffer from a watermark. The program is completely free, and regular updates will follow. Additional plugins are available.

Open Broadcasting Software as a screen capture software

A disadvantage of this program may be that you can only save your files as MP4 or .flv. In addition, the program is quite complex, but as soon as you can find your way around, you will see that the possibilities are enormous. It is available on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Making screen recordings with Screencast-O-Matic

This program can be used for both Mac and Windows. A big advantage is that the program is very easy to use: you just go to the website, press the Start Recording button, and immediately start recording. You can choose to record part of your screen, your webcam or a combination of the two. It is self-explanatory, and the free functions are easy to master.

Making screen recordings with Screencast-O-Matic

A disadvantage is that you have to pay for the extra functions. Another disadvantage is that you can only record in HD for 15 minutes at a time, your videos will be watermarked, and you will not have many options for editing.

Record your image with CamStudio

CamStudio can be used for Windows. It is an easy-to-use program for both screen recording and sound recording.

Record your image with CamStudio

In general, the quality of the videos is very good, although images can be a bit choppy at times. CamStudio comes with few extra options, but you won’t be bothered by watermarks. It’s 100 percent free. If you also want to record your webcam, you can, for example, use DeskCam with it.

Take screen recordings with AZ Screen Recorder

Is it possible to take a screen recording with your phone? Yes, you do have to have a good app. Below we discuss AZ Screen Recorder (can also be used by non-football fans). Filming your screen is a lot easier than sending multiple screenshots one after the other to make it clear how something works.

screen recordings with AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder has a lot to offer. It is the only free app you will find in the Play Store that allows you to film without a time limit. The program is simple, functional, but also extensive. After booting, you will be taken to a pop-up folder that will let you watch all your videos. Making videos is a piece of cake. There is a premium version for those who want extra functionalities.

Built-in screen recording for Windows

Windows allows you to make videos of your screen using a function that is already built-in. You probably don’t know it because it is very well hidden. You can make screen recordings with the built-in Xbox app. You can also record using your browser window. You do not need to download and install any software for this.

Windows 10 screen recording via the Xbox app

This built-in screen recording function is mainly for recording games. You open the Xbox app (on the left side of your taskbar, you type ‘Xbox’, then click on [Windows] + [G] and then ‘Yes, this is a game’. The FlashBack Express program is a free program. It is also suitable for PCs that are, for example, not compatible with the Game Bar of Windows 10. You must first download and install the software, then click on Record your screen.

The program offers you a wide variety of setting options. You can choose to record the entire screen or a specific window. You can also define a window with your mouse or simply record using your webcam.

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