Get your Christmas deals at PCBWay shopping festival

The black Friday and thanksgiving sales are over when we had a chance to save lots of money while purchasing desired goods. However, sales are not over yet. December is a particular month when everyone seems to be sharing great deals and sales. Few weeks before Christmas is an extraordinary period where you can expect many gifts and discounts when buying products.

PCB Way Christmas sale

It seems that sales and festivals at PCBWay never ends. Despite already great prices on all products they are continually organising festivals, events and sales. December is a considerable period like never because they are running the shopping festival 2019. There are plenty of offers you cannot refuse. You probably feel sorry that you didn’t get time to prepare a design project to be manufactured right now.

PCBWay Christmas coupons

The gift loot starts with a variety of coupons. Depending on order size, you can select different tickets. For instance, if your order value is up to $30, you can pick 5$ coupon, so your order will be $25. And the most significant discount is $200 for orders starting from $2999. The total premium of all 7 possible coupons is $410 worth. You can grab the ticket now and use it within 3 months. If not sure, pick several and use them later. Vouchers can be used once and must be applied before confirming payment in the ordering form. If you are new to PCBWay, register and you also get a $5 welcoming coupon.

Christmas at PCBWay does not end with coupons only. They are giving significant discounts to all of their services. Starting with the PCB prototype, the discount reaches 70%. The discount covers all prototyping services and materials such as FR-4, Aluminum, Rogers, HDI, Copper and other available options. Prototyping of standard PCBs can take as little as 24hours. Try instant quote form here.

PCB assembly service is offering 60% off for all types of boards including SMT, through-hole or hybrid. Assembly may take from 2 days up to 3 weeks depending on complexity and components used. Assembly services with the discount applied may be as cheap as $30. This is still way better than you would take care of your own.

pcb assembly

This is a great time to try out an advanced PCB service. Maybe your design requires industrial or automotive-grade PCB or other complexity circuits such as flex, rigid-flex. %35 off is a great deal for all complexities. Starting price with the discount applied may be as low as $111. Check out the advanced PCB capabilities here.

flex pcb

PCBWay is serious about keeping the community active and happy. They are regularly running cash reward and electronic gift events. Christmas time is no exception. Only by sharing project designs on PCBWay community, you get 100 Beans – an inside currency which can be spent on purchasing other shared plans. By adding Christmass2019 keyword to the shared project, additionally, you get 500 Beans. Additional 300 Beans are added to your account if you share the project to social media with keyword @PCBWay. Beans also are adding up (+20) if you are an active community member and answer questions with valuable information. Once you get enough Beans, you can start looking at PCBWay gift shop. Just for reference, 100 Beans are equivalent to $1. You get an idea of how much you can accumulate during Christmas shopping festival.

PCBWay gift shop

There is still plenty of time to finish your design, prototype, assemble, share and enjoy Christmas discounts.

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