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Free gift from PCBWay inside each order package

As you may already know PCBWay is running a Christmas shopping festival 2019. During the event, you can benefit from a variety of gift coupons, discounts on all of their services including PCB prototype, PCB assembly, Advanced PCB manufacturing and other significant deals.

During the shopping festival, each order (up to 12000) will be packed with a small surprise gift which will be randomly selected from the gift shop. The award will be chosen from three types of PCB based Christmas tree decorations that were designed by PCBWayer Jorge @akirasan. Each ornament is a live circuit with several multicolour LEDs powered by CR2032 cell coin. The designs are appealing as they are different colour and theme.

The Christmas gifts may bring a different scent to your celebration. They fit nice on Christmas tree or may be used as decorations on windows, walls and other areas. They may be great small gifts for your friends who are passionate about technology.

pcbway Christmas tree ornaments

A small piece of advice. Do not limit yourself with just a single gift which may be included in your shopping package. Since they are limited – you may end up without a single one, as PCBWay community is vast and gifts are disappearing fast. Simply join the PCBWay community, share your own design on projects page – get 100 Beans, tag it with Christmas2019 keyword – get additional 500 Beans, share in social media and get bonus 300 Beans. Since single decoration is worth 500 Beans, you may end up with 2+1 free decorations. Add additional 2 for $5 each and you are all set for holidays. Don’t take these calculations for granted – try it yourself – maybe you can get even more Beans.

Of course, Christmas gifts are great, but making and giving away 12000 of them is quite a load for PCBWay itself. Be sure to check out their services and use them if needed. Their pricing policy is very flexible, often lead by significant discounts.

advanced PCB prototype

Probably most popular is PCB prototyping service, where you can get your single- or double-sided PCBs for as low as $5 within 24 hours. There are plenty of options you can select such as different materials and thicknesses including aluminium, copper and most common FR-4. There may be up to 14 layers with different vias – through-hole, buried and blind. Many options of solder mask and silkscreen colouring and surface finishing. The more unique your selection becomes; the higher pricing may go up.

PCB assembly

Don’t forget to check out other services including advanced PCB, flexible and rigid-flex PCB options. You may be surprised what can be done for such a low price these days. If you want to see the finished product fast and cheap – try out assembly services. Assembly may take from 2 days up to 3 weeks depending on complexity and components used. During Christmas, they are offering huge discounts reaching 60% for assembly services and 70% for prototyping. It is time to finish your postponed PCB design project which is buried somewhere in the hard drive. Along the way, collect all possible gifts and receive a decent package of goods for this Christmas.

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