Five Ways Technology Has Transformed Your PR Strategies

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Technology’? Do you think of frozen desktop computers and slamming CONTROL, ALT, DELETE on your keyboards like a madman? Or are you the one who’s currently enjoying the most robust form of communication through various channels? However, one area where technology is ever-present is in the world of public relations, or PR, as marketers call it. It has become a vital tool for organizations in communicating with everyone worldwide.

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Technology in the current world undoubtedly transforms how these organizations conduct marketing and public relations with stakeholders and the associated mediums. Let’s take a look at some of these PR-based technological transformations. Hopefully, these will give you a better idea of tweaking your own business’s PR strategies and practices.

Technology Automates Routine PR Functions

Technology helps PR professionals automate or eliminate unnecessary PR functions. For instance, in the past, marketers, specifically PR experts tend to develop press releases and focus on distributing them individually. However, presently, they utilize PR programs such as Constant Contact or Business Wire to distribute them automatically. Some companies also use chatbots on their social media pages and websites to deliver prompt customer services.

Besides, before technological advancement, PR professionals had to compile a list of journalists. Whereas, in the current times, such information is available and accessible with just a click away. It allows them to save time and resources that could add value to other business operations. With the help of technology, PR professionals can now combat communication crises by utilizing technological tools. More and more organizations are now utilizing media strategies to build and deliver a positive reputation and brand image.

PR is Now More Affordable for Small Businesses

In the past, PR specialists and firms only worked with large media organizations as they had funds to spend on brand management. Nowadays, even the smallest business can hire a college graduate with an online degree in communications, public relations, or journalism to manage communication and continuous interaction with their potential consumers.

Perhaps, PR strategies are now affordable for small businesses who direly need them to promote their products and services to target their potential customers using technology. PR technologies can enable your employees to communicate with stakeholders, media personnel, the general public, and everyone involved in the company more effectively and at a fraction of a cost of what it was before.

Use of AI-based PR

Not too long ago, science fiction movies depicted robots acquiring the ability to think independently and create a master plan to conquer and rule our world. It might not be accurate, but the fear that robots will replace real people is not far-fetched. For instance, Amazon is now utilizing AI technology at its maximum with a cashier-less store.

Similarly, AI technology has enabled PR professionals to do their jobs more efficiently. Analytics, workflow applications, media monitoring software, and the number of likes received on social media pages allow them to process data quicker, improving customer relations. With the help of AI-based technologies, PR professionals can tap into the never-ending benefits of data analytics, including a far better understanding of how the digital world works. It will let them create personalized PR strategies for everyone and fine-tuned messages, eliminating the wastage of content.

Promotes Recent Information Through Accessible Means

The career of a PR professional is a highly challenging one. The advent of social media significantly impacts the way people communicate with each other and affects the current models of engagement with stakeholders, journalists, media personnel, or influencers. With social media, everyone has access to more recent information. However, PR professionals have to be one step ahead of the customers. They have to leverage social media and get their company’s stories out before anybody can twist them. 

If things go wrong, twisted tales can leave a lousy brand impression on your customers, stakeholders, and the general public. After all, PR is all about building everlasting relations with the general public.

PR technologies Promote Greater Customer Engagement

In the previous years, communication was only a one-way street. Companies used to publish content, and customers had no way to respond or interact with the distributed content. With the advent of the latest communication technologies, customers and media personnel can engage with brands by calling them on the phone or leaving comments or messages on their social media page. 

It also helps businesses gauge how effective their PR strategy is in reaching the masses. In the past, fluctuations in the sales level were the only way to evaluate the implemented PR strategies’ effectiveness.


Of course, PR is not solely dependent on technology, as some functions will always remain. Companies still pitch to journalists, look for media coverage, and experience communication issues daily. But with technology, the process of executing the overall work strategy has been made a lot easier. Like everything else, PR will also continue to evolve as time goes on and new technologies come forth.

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