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Post-COVID World: Top Tech Trends for the New Normal

Thanks to technology, it’s business as usual for many corporations despite the still looming coronavirus scare. Many companies were quick to rebuild their infrastructure to adapt to the new normal, although some are still struggling to regain their losses post-COVID.

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As people on the frontline continue to battle the deadly disease, corporations are expected to do their part by ensuring the health and safety of their employees and customers. Here are the emerging tech trends that will help companies do exactly that:

Digital and Contactless Interactions

In the absence of a vaccine that will prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, we must expect social distancing measures to be implemented at workplaces, commercial establishments, and anywhere where physical interaction between people is required. Ideally, companies must invest in new client-onboarding software rather than training the new hires in the office. Here are more techs to be expected in the new normal:

  • Switching to remote work setups
  • Enabling cloud technology
  • Supporting flexibility in scheduling
  • Investing in data protection
  • Sanitizing workplaces for the skeleton staff

The same approach can be expected in the retail industry. The following technologies will help businesses transform their operations without necessarily closing down the brick and mortars:

  • Strengthening e-commerce strategies
  • Facilitating contactless payments
  • Securing billing platforms
  • Enabling robot and drone deliveries

Employee Healthcare and Wellness

The recent pandemic has revealed holes in healthcare systems around the world. Parents were forced to take unpaid medical leaves, and not every family had access to meaningful childcare. In the post-COVID world, companies are expected to put a spotlight on more reliable healthcare and wellness programs for their employees. Below are some of the technology trends expected of employers moving forward:

  • Offering more HMO coverage
  • Providing access to virtual gyms and wellness centers
  • Recommending telehealth or online medical consultations
  • Strengthen Corporate Social Responsibility programs

Crisis Management

In a report by the Labor Department, the number of U.S. layoffs hit an all-time high in mid-May. But that’s not the worst part of it. Just over the last 10 weeks, more than 40 million Americans have filed for unemployment-a figure that the U.S. has not seen since the Great Depression. As the world adapts to the new normal, companies are expected to innovate in terms of crisis management and disaster preparedness, to eliminate the need to lay off employees in case of another global health emergency or outbreak.

  • Implementing blockchain technology to track infectious disease outbreaks
  • Using blockchain-based platforms to secure medical supply chains
  • Investing in blockchain to manage the future possible health crisis

Community Involvement

Many communities across the world have come out stronger than the pre-COVID period, thanks to the involvement of many corporations that provided donations.

  • Use blockchain capabilities to offer transparency in tracking and sending donations

Overall, the coronavirus outbreak has demonstrated not only the importance of technology but also the readiness of companies to transform their business infrastructure quickly. With the help of these emerging tech trends, businesses will have an easier time in remaining competitive in the post-COVID world.

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