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A quick Guide to Microdosing CBD and THC

Microdosing is all the rage at the moment – but what are the benefits of microdosing cannabis? In this post, we’ll show you how people in legalized states are improving their quality of life by managing their ailments with small doses of weed. Specifically, we’ll concentrate on anxiety,


Understanding microdosing

Microdosing involves taking very small doses of a substance to boost overall function. Microdosing first emerged as a term in the Silicon Valley. Computer professionals started to microdose on the psychedelic LSD to enhance productivity and their creative abilities – the late Steve Jobs was a known partaker in LSD.

CBDfx microdosing works similarly to LSD microdosing – people take small amounts of marijuana, as they do LSD, receive its functional benefits primarily, and get overwhelmed with the psychoactive trip these substances can induce. A microdose of cannabis is sometimes as low as 1mg but is often around 3 to 5mg.

Everybody has their tolerance to cannabis, which influences the size of a microdose. However, Andrew Mieure, a social consumption consultant, says that a microdose generally constitutes between 1mg to 5mg for edibles. Meanwhile, a microdose on a joint equates to a one-second puff – the same goes for vaping or if smoking from a pipe. A concentrate microdose would be no more than dab the size of a pinhead. It is important to find out the correct dosage that is suitable for a person and even when you are giving it to animals, you should first determine the right dosage. cbdschool explains in details how CBD oil can be beneficial for horses.

Measure explains, “Cannabis affects everyone differently.” In some users, a 1mg dose may have more of an effect than 5mg dosages would in others. For effective microdosing, concentrate more on the experience rather than the exact amount you take. If you feel that you’re able to get on with work and stay focused and not become distracted with racing thoughts or intense euphoria, you’re probably doing things right.

Microdosing recreational Hemplucid CBD is becoming more popular at social gatherings where weed is legal, as it works as a social lubricant, just like alcohol. Except weed is more likely to relax and chill out a room rather than fire it up. A microdose of weed at a party can help an anxious person forget about their concerns and preconceived shortcomings and socialize more effectively.

For people who aren’t used to taking weed, microdosing is a good way of acclimatizing yourself to its effects and understanding what to expect from THC’s psychoactive properties. More people are experimenting with pop than ever before, with the herb now legal recreationally in eight states. But for those who don’t understand what cannabinoid concentrations mean and how much weed is too much, diving straight in can have consequences. The best way to get the most out of cannabis is to slowly ease your way into it and gradually ramp up the intensity of your experiences over time.

Manage your anxiety by microdosing weed

If you want to combat anxiety with THC-rich CBDistillery, then a low dose will almost certainly serve you better than a high dose. Hefty amounts of THC can be risky if you start thinking about the wrong things, and your brain becomes consumed with anxious thoughts and paranoia. But in microdoses, the effects are much more controllable.

A 2014 study found that incarcerated men exhibiting symptoms of PTSD in the form of mood disorders and anxiety could have improved by taking microdoses of a synthetic THC-like cannabinoid. Participants reported “significant improvements” after being administered a mere 4mg of the synthetic THC cannabinoid. The treatment helped to reduce the prisoners’ chronic pain, nightmares, and insomnia.

Mieure is a prominent supporter of microdosing and says that he has utilized the techniques to manage his PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), and severe panic disorder over several years. The cannabis expert likens his consumption of the herb to treat panic attacks as ‘walking a tightrope,’ in that too much THC just feeds his symptoms. However, a lower dose helps to reduce Mieure’s sensitivity to triggers, allowing him to put the anxiety monkey in his mind to rest.

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