Creative ideas for posts on Instagram to help you increase your reach

Instagram has dominated social media platforms. It has millions of users with an exponentially growing rate. Hence, to be visible among the crowd, you need to stand out from the crowd. The most authentic way to do so is by tweaking and increasing the quality of your content.

Your content is the only thing that can help you increase your reach. Your posts are the only medium that you have to increase your reach.

So, the Instagram post needs to be creative. Here are some creative ideas for Instagram posts that will help you to increase your reach.

Aesthetic grid

The first thing that will catch the attention of the person visiting your page will be the layout of your page.

The layout of your Instagram profile when all the posts are visible as 3×3 is known as the grid. So, it would be best if you focused on those 3×3 portions, i.e., the nine accompanying photos. Once it is done, you need to focus on the overall aesthetics of the page.

The grid should be well-arranged, and the posts should merge well together. They can follow similar color patterns or have some similarities that would make them different from the other grids.

All the grids can have similarities, but that makes the appearance of the entire page dull. So, to maintain the aesthetics, change the theme of the grid every one or two grids. Following color patterns that look good when put together instantly catches the visitor’s eye and thus would increase your reach.

Be creative

Pull out creative content. It should be original. If people notice the freshness of the content because of its originality, they are instantly drawn towards the feed.

They might visit the page, again and again, to look for that freshness and creative space. This would increase your reach as your account will now also be recommended to the people who would be closely connected with your new visitors.

Hence, bring out something new in every post. This will give people the perception of you being genuinely passionate and original.

Challenge videos or posts

You can put up some pictures or videos starting or following some challenge. People love challenges, and thus, these sorts of posts do well on Instagram.

To make it more interesting, come up with an exciting name for a challenge that you might be the first one to initiate. Generally, when the challenges become viral, people often reach out to the original challenge to examine how it was done originally.

Furthermore, you can take a step ahead and find appropriate hashtags to pair up with the posts. This increases the reach as it’ll display your post first, following the other posts under the same hashtag; since you are the original creator.

Caption the posts

Synchronize your captions with the posts. Your caption should say what your post is missing. Use catchy words and phrases while writing a caption. The caption may consist of one or two liners or a story, but it should just be relevant to the post.

While making a paid post or an advertising post, make sure to figure out the caption before putting the picture. The captions should narrate the story of the product well.

Editing snippets

If you have any video that you need to post, make sure that it is edited well and looks attractive. For editing professional-looking videos, you can use online video editors like InVideo, where you can find all the tools required for editing for free.

If the editing is good, people would engage in the content with more interest to see what’s in store for them and might as well approach you in your “Direct Messages.” Overall, this helps in increasing your reach.

Add trending music

Instagram algorithm promotes the reels more as they are a new feature. Moreover, they are more appreciated by many people as it is short yet exciting to watch. It consumes less time and is also diversified.

You can add your videos to reels or shoot reels on the app. Make sure to use the trending music or audio, as this increases your chance of being noticed whenever someone looks for that audio in particular. You can also add your edits to the audio, which can be used further by a large group of users.

Cute stickers and photoshop

You can use any photo editing application to add effects and stickers to your photos. This will make your posts unique and noticeable. Some apps even let you create your stickers. You can also add fun effects and filters to make your photos stand out. Merge different pictures to create one unique image. You can do this with several online and offline tools.

Special talent

If you have any exceptional talent, showcase it. It can be anything like your artwork, a piece of self-composed music, a dance video, mimicry, etc. It’s your creative space, and hence, it is entirely up to you to utilize it to the fullest. You can have fun while being productive.

Hacks and DIYs

Everyone loves hacks that save them some time and extra effort. Hence, hacks and DIYs are two of the most viewed content. You can come up with ideas that you feel might be useful to others. You can also tell people how to upcycle or recycle the things that are already available. Further, you can categorize them based on what a vast majority of the audience may like.

Make it colorful

Try to include colors in your posts. This makes them more attractive as they are filled with positivity and life. People tend to get more attracted to colors. This can be a valuable tip to increase your reach effectively.

Share your routine

You can share your routine with people. It can be skincare, self-care, study, or any other type of routine that may be insightful. Sharing your practice may sound vague, but it might be helpful to people seeking something similar.

These were the few creative Instagram post ideas to help you create an impactful feed and get a good reach on Instagram.

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