Cloom Published a “POWER CABLES: The Ultimate Custom Guide”

Cloom, a reliable wire harness, and cable assemblies manufacturer, today published a “POWER CABLES: The Ultimate Custom Guide.” It has five chapters that cover some terms about Power Cables knowledge.

The publication is available here for free. This guide sheds insightful light on these power cable properties.

“The Cloom R&D team adapts quickly to the changing market needs. The R&D team helps customers develop the design, advise on the material, develop new products, and ensure that the essential requirements for ROHS, and REACH. Halogen-free wiring harnesses are met,” said Mr. Hommer, General manager of Cloom.

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Among the key subjects on this Power Cables include:

What Is A Power Cable: This section briefly introduces the power cable’s definition, types, and components.

POWER CABLE TYPES: Power cable types include SATA Power Cable, monitor power cable, Hard drive power cable, USB power cable, and micro USB power cable.

PC Power Cable: This section explores various types of PC Power cables in depth

Extending Knowledge: This section briefly introduces the Xbox one power cable, in-wall power cord and cable kit, ac power cable, Xbox 360 power cable, porter cable power tool, and Power over Ethernet cable.

Where To Buy Power Cable: This chapter mainly introduces two aspects:1. Tips to consider when purchasing power cables.2. Looking to buy a new power cable?

This section describes the industry safety and certification standards to be followed for producing medical cable assemblies.

Thank you for reading this article – Power cables. We hope that you are well versed with power cables, the different power cable types, and their uses. As a lover of gadgets and devices, you always need a power cable. Have you been buying power cables at physical outlets, only to find that the cables do not last as much as you want? Do you want a durable and long-lasting power cable for your devices? Waste no time to buy from us today. If you have any needs or questions, please feel free to contact us.

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