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Tesla on the verge of building world’s largest Battery

Elon Musk founder and director of Tesla is a man of his word. In March, Tesla CEO tweeted a pledge that would help South Australia solve its energy problems in 100 days with a new energy storage system – or give the whole thing for free. He is now delivering on that promise, after signing an agreement with the state government to build the battery of the world’s largest lithium ions. According to his commitment if he was unable to finish in 100 days, the energy titan calculated that he will lose 50 million dollars. The aim of this project is solving the recent energy problems experienced in the region. Tesla will be carrying out this project along with the French company Neoen, a company which is specialized in renewable energies, and also by the Government of Australia. According to Musk himself, the battery will have a capacity three times higher than its current analogs. State Government of South Australia will be funding the initiative and has an estimated cost of about 550 million Australian dollars – that is about… Continue reading

The General Types of Computer and Laptop Memory

Since the creation of the computer in a few decades ago, this gadget has become one of the most popular and familiar household appliances. The latest survey had shown that seven out of ten United State citizens would have at least one or more desktop computers in their home and this statistic is increasing throughout time! Most of the people can even be imagined without the existence of computer in their daily life, and 90% of them thought it would be a damn boring life! From here, we’ve noticed how important the machine to human beings in present days. For your information, there are many different types of computer memory available on the market. Then, how do you determine which types of computer memory is suitable for your computer? First thing first, you should know there is a difference between Random Access Memory (RAM) and Read Only Memory (ROM). The most significant advantage of using RAM is your computer’s data, or files can be quickly gained access in any order, while ROM is an integrated circuit that has already programmed… Continue reading