6 Essential Tools and Software for Small Businesses

There are hundreds of tools, apps, and software out there to simplify and even speed up tasks for the employees and owners of small businesses. Finding the ideal tools such as tableau google sheets can be more than a bit overwhelming, even for the most tech-savvy people. We have compiled this small list of tools that every small business may need to assist you with this. Evernote Have you ever found yourself wishing for a second brain so that you could remember all the vital information necessary to be productive? Evernote can be that second brain. If you haven’t heard of Evernote, it’s an app designed to store info (this could be whole web pages, audio recordings, photos, and videos, or text documents) so that it’s available anytime you need it. Evernote even has templates to help you organize your information quickly. One of these is a weekly template for productivity to help you stay on task and accomplish your goals.  Google Drive Google Drive makes it easy for you to do the majority of your work in the “cloud”…

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Why Is Software Testing So Important?

software testing

Software testing is so much more important than what many businesses think. In so many cases the process is omitted. If this happens, the business, as well as the product, suffer. In order to understand why so many companies out there hire QA teams, here are some reasons. Budget Optimization Software testing offers various benefits, but the one that is considered to be the most important by many business owners is that it is cost-effective. You can easily save money in the future since when bugs are discovered at an early development stage, it is so much easier to fix than when the product is over. Testing has to be done early in the project. QA Engineers and testers that are experienced and educated are thus incredibly vital. Testing will help the business save money and time since issues are detected and solved before the more severe problems appear.

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5 Things Every Business Should Know about Data Quality Management


Business leaders across multiple industries realize the importance of big data. But to get results, you need to improve the quality of this data and find ways to improve it. If your data isn’t accurate, it could lead to costly mistakes when making business decisions. Since low-quality data costs businesses $15 million per year, which means you can’t make expensive mistakes. What is data quality? It’s data that’s clean and aligned with your organization, and it shouldn’t be confused with data governance. In the meantime, here are five things you should know about the data management process. Define Thresholds & Rules If you want 100% perfect data, you should realize that it will be more challenging than it looks. Achieving 100% is a costly and timely process. Most organizations determine which data issues are critical and focus on which data quality attributes require 100% perfect data. If you need different levels of quality for different levels of data, you need to set different thresholds for each one. It would be best if you determined how that data meets the thresholds….

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Software to Improve Sales

Companies based around their sales to consumers can benefit hugely from emerging software that allows them to sell more, to more consumers, with increased efficiency and smoothness. The less friction in the consumer transaction, the more likely your consumers will continue through the point of sale to purchase your products. The same goes for repeat custom: you’ll attract returning customers through your simple and efficient payments processes. Finally, sales software in the digital age involves a great deal of useful data that can be used to draw up business plans, increase efficiency, and target products to customers in a more strategic, better-informed manner. Here is the software your business shouldn’t do without. Centralized Sales Platforms Your first step towards sales efficiency while also reaping the full benefits of your sales data is to centralize your sales on one well-designed platform. Software companies such as SellerCloud allow you to do just that, and with your transactions stored on the cloud, they’re easy to retrieve and analyze wherever your sales were made. Integrating systems such as these with your own digital systems…

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Why you need EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to secure your important data

We live in a particular technological era where we are sufficiently computerized not to print more photos and documents, preferring a digital data backup but, at least for many, not too confident of the many cloud services offered on the net by Google, Apple, Dropbox and many others and choosing so on simple external hard drives for storing sensitive and personal data such as photos, documents and videos. Unfortunately, however, relying on external hard drives can also be a hazardous operation because a simple system crash during copying, a mechanical failure, or simply an incorrect deletion of a folder can mean the loss of your precious data. Fortunately, there is a software that help to recover deleted or lost files from their hard drives, and one of the best is definitely EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, subject of our in-depth test.

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Proxy Market Research 2019 – infographic

Market research uncovering proxy market leaders, trends, and demand for proxy services. Thorough comparison shows that Oxylabs and Geosurf are the best performing proxy providers compared to different services. The top-rated Oxylabs network sustained a stable 85 percent success rate regardless of the number of concurrent connections. You can visit this website for more information regarding proxies. Read full Proxyway’s proxy market research report here

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