Turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs

TheWiSpy: Best Cell Phone Tracking App to Track Phone Secretly

More than 80% of people use smartphones worldwide and spend a massive amount of daily hours using them. Smartphones provide broad access to the internet that lead children to the issues like cyberbullying, internet threats, pornography, and addictive games. Parents are facing enormous concerns for their kids and their well-being. Besides parents, employers are also concerned about the office’s productivity because of remote working. The pandemic has caused massive loss for corporate workplaces because employees work from home, and productivity is harmed. That is why the best mobile tracking apps are handy for both employers and parents. Continue reading

Top Benefits of Access Control Solutions

Keeping an organization secure is the top priority. That’s why most businesses today use Access Control software to secure their premises and get better work results. Access Control solutions are used in various industries, including education and government, to create solutions and keep employees and property safe. Below are several benefits of access control solutions. Continue reading

How to make money as a software developer

While choosing a career, a student should always consider the job opportunities available before taking a decision. Experts have indicated that the demand for software developers in almost all countries is likely to grow rapidly in the next few decades. Hence trained software developers will find it easy to find jobs that pay well. However, most jobs and other professional opportunities must complete training and get certification from a reputed organization. For the programming course, the student usually has to do homework and complete assignments. Often there are some aspects of the assignment which the student does not understand. Often there are some back doors in the software or other aspects which are not documented. It is also difficult to find the information required online, using search engines, forums, social media or other websites. Students lead a hectic life, so instead of wasting time, the student can get help from programminggeeks, which offers programming assignment help. Assistance is offered for different types of programming like website design technology, mathematical programming, developer tools, app development, machine programming and embedded tools. Continue reading

How to Write the Best PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint presentations look simple as they transition on the screen during a meeting, but preparing them takes time and commitment. Each slide presents a summary of detailed research literature and many people find themselves unable to summarize many paragraphs into a few lines.  Your PowerPoint presentation should stay within your topic and keep your audience engaged. To make your presentation attractive, include graphics, videos, sounds and give your slides nice fonts and colors that match with the graphics.  Continue reading

How do you Make a Video of Your Screen?

A screen recording is, in fact, a video of what is happening on the screen of your mobile device or PC. As you see it while you are at it, it is the screen but a recording of it. A screen recording is extremely useful for instructional videos, for example, where you want to explicitly show your viewers what steps they have to go through to get something done. Screen recordings are also a must for game videos. Continue reading

How much does it cost to make an iOS app?

So, Product Owner, you have a project you want to develop. You’re evaluating options, thinking about what move you should make next. Most importantly, how many resources do you need? Well, you might have a cross-platform application in mind or a purely iOS one. If the former is true, likely, the Android version is further down the pipeline anyway. Statistics show that a higher number of iOS applications generally bring bigger returns than Android ones. That’s why, frankly, nobody will blame you for setting your sights on iOS first. Another factor is that all iPhones are made by one company, yet not all Android phones are. This means you have to deal with less variety and get to save time and money when making an iOS app. Either way, at this point, you are thinking about developing on Apple’s platform. That means you probably can’t wait to learn more about custom iOS app development and what it will cost you. Continue reading