The Top 5 Photo Editing Software Choices

Whether you need professional product images for your e-commerce website or simply hoping to brush up on your editing skills to strengthen your social media presence, photo editing software has come a really long way in recent years; this software has more to offer than a few fancy filters.

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In days gone by, only professional photographers and graphic designers could navigate the specifics of editing software. But all that’s changed now, and anyone with a camera or smartphone can capture professional photographs these days. Moreover, anyone can adjust image lighting, vamp up the contrast, and remove background from an image for free with the right tools.

So, we’ve listed the top five photo editing software programs this year.

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is, unarguably, one of the best and most popular photo editing tools out there. Most professional photographers and designers choose Adobe photoshop because the program offers so many valuable features and functions, and it’s also reasonably easy to use.

However, it’s worthwhile to spend some time with available Photoshop tutorials; this will help you avoid cringy creations. That said, Adobe Photoshop is free for a trial period, and thereafter, you’ll end up spending a little over $20 each month.

Affinity Photo

With Affinity Photo, you can indulge in the world of digital painting, raw image editing, expert retouching, and so much more. Even though Affinity Photo has fewer features than Photoshop, it’s definitely a worthwhile software choice for novice editors, thanks to the general user-friendly nature of this program.

One of the best elements of Affinity Photo is that there’s no subscription fee. But instead, you’ll pay a once-off purchase price of about $50 for a desktop.

CyberLink PhotoDirector

This program offers easy-to-use animation effects and some pretty powerful AI features. Although, the most alluring factor is the overall affordability.

CyberLink is pretty cheap editing software that will cost you about $5 a month. There are also annual billing options available.

Luminar NEO

This editing software boasts a reasonably simple interface, which makes it ideally user-friendly. Moreover, it’s also super fast, so you won’t battle with the frustration of lagging at all. And lastly, Luminar NEO includes a few excellent AI tools that make editing photographs easy.

Luminar is also relatively affordable, as you’ll spend about $80 a year on the subscription.

inPixio Photo Studio

This is another excellent editing software choice for novice photographers. You get great value for money here with si a variety of raw editing tools. This editing program is also simple and easy to use, so it’s perfectly suitable for beginners.

This software costs relatively the same as Luminar, as an affordable option for beginner photographers and content creators.

We could all agree that the market is inundated with a surplus of editing software programs. And while Adobe Photoshop is a reigning choice, it’s worthwhile to try out other programs as well. In addition to this, you can also look into video editing software next to take your video content quality to a whole new level.

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