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How To Get Your Business Out There

Having a great business idea can get you started but is just one part of the journey that all entrepreneurs will have to navigate. The only way it can be successful is by getting your idea, product, or service out there to the wider world, but what is the best way to go about this? Here are a few tips to help take your business idea and put it in front of your target market. Continue reading

Is remote working good for business?

It seems that remote working is here to stay, at least in some form. Whilst some workers are eager to get back to the office full time, many of us have embraced the flexibility of working from home some or all of the time. But what will this mean for business? Home vs. Office The main concern for employers with a remote workforce is the issue of productivity. After all, an office setting is designed to help us focus and get tasks done. Can the same be said for someone working at their kitchen table? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. In fact, several studies have shown that working from home actually increases productivity – on average, remote workers are 47% more productive, work more hours, are more consistent, and get more done.   Continue reading

How To Stretch The Tech Budget For Your Small Business

Small businesses have big challenges to deal with, specifically when it comes to budgeting for technology. You have a long list of must-haves, but cash constraints often leave you cutting corners. The mindset can save you some dollars today, but you may end up missing out on your growth targets. Moreover, being behind on the tech front can deprive your company of a competitive advantage. Fortunately, there are ways to fulfill your IT needs and wants if you are judicious enough. Here are some measures that can help in stretching the tech budget for your small business. Align the budget your goals It is easy to fall prey to an urge to invest in a fancy technology just because it is trending. But you may end up depleting your budget too soon and getting solutions that do not add value to your business. Ideally, you must align your IT budget with your goals right from the start. It will help you distinguish between needs and wants so that you can pick the best options. The step should come early as it gives… Continue reading

How Much Does Commercial Auto Insurance Cost and Is It Worth It?

Whether you have a large fleet or only one car you use to conduct business, car insurance is a major expense you must consider as it can quickly start affecting your bottom line. Commercial car insurance is usually recommended even if you only use one vehicle and the sole driver. This is because you never know what might happen, and some liability issues need to be considered. Let’s look at how much commercial car insurance costs, the factors that can affect these costs, and if it’s the right decision for you. Continue reading

How to Be a Smart Investor and Upgrade Your Portfolio

It would be best if you were a smart investor to grow your portfolio. You might want to consider tax free investments. You may consider looking for a specialist to guide you through your future investments. An investor’s life is complex. It requires a sound investment strategy that requires the right information. You do not need to spend a lot of money to get started. Here are a few general strategies that every investor should use to navigate the financial world. What Is an Investment? It may sound simple, but as we approach our financial lives, the question of “what is an investment” arises. Is it a time-consuming thing? How much will I be making on a particular investment? Does it give me returns on my money? To these questions, if you answered yes, you are an expert because you have not started investing yet.  When you have taken care of these questions, you may be ready for investment. You can invest in precious metals like gold bullion, silver, mutual, index funds, or the stock market. Continue reading

What to Consider When Setting Up a Company

Setting up a company can be an exciting challenge, especially if you pursue your dreams to sell products and services that you have designed or have a particular passion for. Indeed, if you want to become a business owner, you should consider some factors when setting up a company. Furthermore, it would be best if you also understood that many people dream of establishing a company. However, at the same time, only a small percentage actually manage to reach the milestone of operating for around a decade. In addition, statistics have shown that about half of all small businesses do not continue their operations after around five years. As a result, if you are looking to set up a company, you should consider many important factors before deciding to start. The current pandemic scenario has intensified the importance of people as well as online networks. Thus, resolving network problems in business and providing data handling services sites such as My FoneTel are connected. However, it would be best if you also understood that several companies could assist you throughout the process… Continue reading