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Keeping Your Business Alive in a Post-pandemic World

Businesses operations have evolved in the height of the pandemic. A lot of industries tried to adopt new ways of doing business. Government regulations have limited physical contact. This has changed the methods of managing certain types of companies. Unfortunately, many have been negatively impacted by the crisis. The dining and drinking industries alone have seen over 100,000 closures last year. Not to mention that other sectors were significantly hit by the pandemic too. So how can you bounce back if you’re in an industry that’s greatly affected by the viral crisis? How can you win back customers to generate revenue again? Here are some tips that you can do to keep your business alive after the global pandemic. Continue reading

How To Properly Negotiate Your Freelance Rates

Let’s face it – negotiating isn’t pleasant for anyone. You’re in this situation where you try to make more for yourself without ripping off the other side, all while trying to be extremely careful about the words you say, as they matter the most. It’s pretty stressful for many. However, if you’re planning to build a successful freelance career, you need to learn how to negotiate. If you’re starting, you’ll improve your chances of getting hired if you create your profile on platforms like Brybe Marketplace – reasonably new but equally good as some of the most popular freelance platforms. Plus, you get to keep everything you earn! Regardless of your niche or industry, here are a few things to know about adequately pricing yourself as a freelancer. Continue reading

3 Key Steps for Selecting an ERP System for Your Business

The need for improved productivity and efficiency is now more important than ever. Recently McKinsey published an article on how businesses need to reinvent their organizations post-pandemic. One method that is proving popular and effective, is to install an ERP system. Enterprise resource planning systems can help to improve businesses by automating many of their processes and integrating the different areas into one central database. Continue reading

4 Practical Approaches That Help You Save On Logistics Costs

Before you understand how to reduce your overall logistics cost, it is essential to know what all comprise this cost in the first place. Logistics costs are all the expenses that your business incurs when moving shipment or consignment from one place to another, from the manufacturing facility or warehouse in Los Angeles to the customer. It encompasses all the costs incurred throughout the transportation cycle. There are several ways to reduce this cost and make your company more efficient and profitable. Let’s discuss what those techniques are and how they benefit you in the long run: Continue reading

7 Steps for a Killer Maintenance Manager Resume

Are you struggling to get shortlisted for the position of Maintenance manager?  After applying to quite a few companies for your desired role, you, my friend, need to review your maintenance manager resume if you are still not getting shortlisted, despite having all the required qualifications and experiences.  In this age of cutthroat competition, anything average doesn’t do it.  If you think your maintenance manager resume needs an up-do or need professional tips to help you get started, this is exactly where you should be looking. So read on.  Continue reading

Why Should Professionals Use The Help Of Marketing Research Tools?

While marketing is incomplete without the brilliant minds that put the hard work in creating astounding strategies, everyone could use a little extra help. The creative genius and intelligence from collected data work hand in hand while formulating marketing plans and campaigns, which is why market research is one of each agency or organization’s first and foremost priorities. However, the worth of using a tool specifically made for market research overweighs using integrated ones or simply relying on human talent to mine data. In this blog, we will address the importance of using marketing research tools as professionals to help you improve your processes. Continue reading