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A 3D PCBWay design contest is here

PCBWay is not only an excellent PCB fab house but also a great community. The enthusiastic staff takes care that everyone gets help on pushing their ideas to life. Their success also lies in different events organised for thecommunity.

PCBWay design contest

This 2019 fall in October, they are rolling a 3rd PCB design contest where participants get to submit shared projects. If you did not know, they are already hosting loads of free PCB projects where you can grab building files, get design ideas and learn from existing examples. Sharing project benefits both sides – PCBWay becomes a more friendly and community-based company, sharing insights together with community. In another hand, the enthusiasts get a place to share, communicate and even run their first successful batches of designs.

During design contest, PCBWay offers a great established platform to host your projects and even include them in PCBWayer Bazar – an exclusive marketplace where you can purchase a prototype or complete design. In cooperation with PCBWay, your products can be produced by yourself or by fab house, including PCBA services. All in all, as long as your product is a finished product with testing successfully, it can be sold directly.

PCBWayer bazar

Participating in the design contest is highly beneficial no matter how complication is your project. PCBWay is a significant and growing company receiving lots of visitors online. PCB Design Contest is one of the most critical events in PCBWay community. It receives about 300 outstanding entries each year, so your project has a great chance to get high visibility. If you have a project lurking deep inside your mind, do not hesitate and give it a shot.

Judging from previous contests prizes are fascinating. Best wining projects get cash rewards, free coupons and PCBWay beans to get projects from bazar. Also, each design uploaded to share platform gets a shared commission of total cost. Prizes may vary this year, in case be sure to contact Eric (Email: eric@pcbway.com), producer of PCBWay Third PCB Design Contest, to discuss details.

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