9 Advantages Of Moving From Downtown To The Suburbs

Moving from the city to the suburbs isn’t new; many people have decided to leave the hectic urban lifestyle and transition to peaceful suburban settings. The suburbs aren’t just more easily affordable than cities but are also a lot quieter. These are only a few reasons why Americans today are trading downtown for the comforts of suburban life in the post-COVID housing market era.


Here’s why relocating to the suburbs sounds the perfect way to enjoy a stress-free life:

1. Get away from all the noise pollution

Downtowns are home to a vibrant nightlife, making noise pollution a major drawback of living there. The suburbs, however, are devoid of blaring sirens, screeching vehicles, and loud passersby shouting below your building. Living in the suburbs is quieter unless you’re one of those urban dwellers who has grown accustomed to the blend of different city noises. The suburbs are more laid back and tend to quiet down after dusk. After moving to the suburbs, you can live peacefully and catch up on your sleep.

2. Moving to the suburbs isn’t that hard

Relocating to the suburbs is arguably easier than leaving your current city altogether. Find credible and well-reviewed movers in your location to embark on this new journey. You shouldn’t face any problems finding the right moving company, especially if you’re living in Dallas. The population of DFW is growing exponentially; this metropolitan area will reach the milestone of 8.5 million residents by 2028. It’s estimated that Dallas will be America’s biggest metropolis by 2100.

Many movers operate in D-Town today. But finding the right Dallas long distance moving company will require you to check the company’s credentials, experience, and accreditation. Ensure you are working with a company that offers additional packing and storage services. Now, you’re ready to move out of downtown Dallas and relocate long-distance to a nice little suburb.

3. Make your house a lot more spacious

The suburbs generally offer cheaper housing options, so you can invest in more amenities. For instance, suburban homes may come with more bedrooms and bathrooms, giving you more privacy in your living quarters. Also, your kids can have more room, and you won’t have to rent a storage facility to keep your clutter. Unlike cities where you and your next-door neighbors are often separated by just a thin wall, you can have a large space all to yourself. It’s a chance to raise a family in peace.

Suburban houses provide open yards that can transform into valuable outdoor spaces. That’s how you can distance yourself socially during a lockdown while still having ample space.

4. You’ll move to a safer neighborhood

Suburban areas are generally safer than cities, with lower crime rates and fewer instances of burglary. A survey shows that the people living in the suburbs of Virginia and Maryland feel a lot safer than those living in the nation’s capital. Theft, violence, and household break-ins start to dwindle as you leave the city noise and enter the suburban lifestyle’s safety. It’s simple because cities have become way too crowded and crowded locations are naturally more prone to violent crimes.

5. Living in the suburbs is a lot cheaper

Life in the suburbs can be much cheaper when compared to urban settings. For instance, if you live in Dallas, the cost of living here is just 3% higher than the national average. Similarly, your rent will drop by $578 per month if you move from downtown to the suburbs in any average US city.

Utilities, commute, education, property taxes, and dining options are generally cheaper in the suburbs than in cities. That’s why many middle-class Americans are moving there.

6. Get yourself out in nature more often

As Dallas turns into a concrete jungle, many residents find these receding green spaces a major threat to their well-being. The suburbs, however, offer plenty of green spaces where you can engage in many exciting adventures and recreational activities with your family and friends.

These green spaces are crucial to the suburban biodiversity and improve the local ecosystem. They’ll make the air around you more breathable and eliminate pollutants from the environment. You can wake up every morning to take a walk around the neighborhood, breathe in fresh air, and feel more in tune with Mother Nature. Living in the suburbs is way healthier.

7. Find high-quality schools for your kids

Yes, suburban schools have better funding so they can afford to hire quality teachers. That’s how living in the suburbs will be a great decision for your children’s pedagogical future.

Some sources claim that, as suburbanites tend to be more highly educated, their schools are also high-class and better-funded. These schools offer kids less crowded classrooms so teachers give them more attention to students’ individual needs. That’s why suburban students can excel academically. Moving to the suburbs, therefore, will be amazing for your children.

8. The traffic in the suburbs is tolerable

Okay, this advantage doesn’t work if you live in the suburbs but have to go to work in the city daily.

The suburbs consist of single-family homes and are located outside of the city. That’s why there’s less traffic and it’s very easy to run errands in your car. If you find it a nuisance to be stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic all day long, switch to a suburban lifestyle and you’ll find driving around in your vehicle a less daunting experience. Moreover, if you’re working from home, moving to the suburbs will be the best decision you’ve made in your entire career.

9. You can improve your quality of life

Combine all the above-mentioned benefits of a suburban lifestyle and you’ll realize that you can easily enhance your well-being by leaving the city. No wonder Plano of Dallas has been labeled the happiest place in America! It’s a half-hour drive away from downtown Dallas. Research indicates that suburbanites have measurably higher subjective well-being than urbanites and a more meaningful lifestyle.


Are you going to bid farewell to the hustle and bustle of city life and embrace living in the suburbs? Well, you’re not alone! Many Americans are moving to the suburbs as cities become overcrowded. Rent is also lower in the suburbs, and so is the crime rate. You can avoid traffic, spend more time in nature, and live a stress-free life. You just have to hire local, reliable movers and start your life anew in the suburbs. 

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