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7 Steps for a Killer Maintenance Manager Resume

Are you struggling to get shortlisted for the position of Maintenance manager? 

After applying to quite a few companies for your desired role, you, my friend, need to review your maintenance manager resume if you are still not getting shortlisted, despite having all the required qualifications and experiences. 

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In this age of cutthroat competition, anything average doesn’t do it. 

If you think your maintenance manager resume needs an up-do or need professional tips to help you get started, this is exactly where you should be looking. So read on. 

We have compiled seven steps to help you create a job-winning maintenance manager resume/maintenance technician resume. 

Step 1. Meticulous Sectioning 

First things first, if your resume doesn’t have appropriate sections that showcase different information about you, you have already missed out on the most basic yet essential part of making a resume. 

A standard resume needs to have the following sections:

  • Header 
  • Personal information 
  • Profile title 
  • Summary 
  • Key skills
  • Professional experience 
  • Education 
  • Certifications (if any) 

Segment your information into the above sections for a clear and crisp format.

Step 2. Selecting an Appropriate Format for Presenting Information 

Once you have set all the sections in your resume, you must now choose a format that fits your resume. 

There are three types of formats:

  • Reverse Chronological Resume Format:

 Write your most recent roles at the beginning, followed by your older experiences. This is a standard resume format widely accepted and preferred by the recruiters. 

  • Functional Resume Format:

They are writing only the headers of professional experience without going into details about the role. This resume format is usually recommended for candidates who have gaps in their careers. 

  •  Combination format:

As the name suggests, a combination format is a blend of the other two resume formats. However, this resume format is very time-consuming to create and is not suitable for freshers or candidates who don’t have experience.

Step 3. Writing Correct and Needful Personal Details 

People tend to take the importance of the personal information section in their resumes for granted because it’s just so simple.

However, the consequence of not providing the correct information in your maintenance manager resume can cost you your chances of getting hired. 

Here are some points you need to be mindful of while writing your personal information:

  • Double-check to make sure that the phone number you have provided is functional 
  • Write the ISD code and a ‘+’ sign before your phone number 
  • Provide an email address that sounds professional (make sure you remember the password for that email id)
  • Write only your current city’s name as your address 
  • Don’t mention your sex, caste, religion, or marital status

 Step 4. Making Your Maintenance Manager Resume ATS-friendly 

ATS or Application Tracking Software is a system used by most companies to select the most relevant resumes for the job profile. 

To rank high in this software, you must make your maintenance manager resume ATS-friendly by including keywords related to the job requirements of a maintenance manager. 

You must also add keywords in the critical skills and experience section of your resume from the job description provided in the listing. 

Step 5. Using Bullet Points and Starting One-liners with Power Verbs 

Don’t bore the recruiters with bulky paragraphs in your resume. 

A bulky paragraph will not hold the recruiter’s attention for a long time, and it also doesn’t make your resume seem appealing.

Use bullet points to present information and use one-liners that begin with a power verb to describe your professional experiences and achievements.

Like in the following example:

  • Led a team of 10 people to complete XYZ project and achieved 100% success
  • Increased the longevity and efficiency of XYZ machinery with proper maintenance and upkeep
  • Handled the budget for XYZ project and managed to increase the company’s savings by 20%

Step 6. Grouping and Highlighting Keywords 

Group similar information in one sentence and strategically highlight the keywords to make your one-liners and bullet points more impactful. 

Highlighting your achievement figures like in the following example ensures that the recruiters don’t miss out on such information:

  • Led a team of 10 people to complete XYZ project and achieved 100% success
  • Increased the longevity and efficiency of XYZ machinery with proper maintenance and upkeep
  • Handled the budget for XYZ project and managed to increase the company’s savings by 20%

Step 7. Keeping Your Resume a Page Long  

Unless you have 10+ years of experience to boast about, keep your resume limited to a page.

As it is, recruiters don’t spend much time on a single resume. Lengthening it unnecessarily will only cause the recruiters to miss out on crucial information in your resume and kill your chances of getting shortlisted. 

The idea is to make your resume short, crisp, and relevant. 

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