6 Tools for Playing Color by Number

Color by number is a game that combines the joy of interacting with numbers and colors. This game was invented in 1951 as a way of creating mystery in the artwork. It developed into a fun and engaging game.

Nowadays, this game is irresistible to players. Four of the top five free apps in the google play store are color by number applications.

There are various tools used to play this game. The game involves a player matching color to a number in a diagram. This concept widely varies depending on the developer, target players, and objective.

Here are the most common tools used to play color by number.

Flowers III Do It Yourself Tool – Beginners Kit

The Flowers III DIY tool is a cheap color by number instrument. It comes coupled with a set of paint and a top-notch linen base. The tool has numerous floral arts that come in black and white. The player is required to match the numbered parts of the flower with their respective colors.

The player can also hang their artwork using the hanging kit that comes with the set. A single kit goes for $25.

Ballerina Paint by Numbers Tool – Beginners Kit

The Ballerina paint by numbers tool is an affordable set for novice players. This kit depicts ballerina dancers. The kit comes with a set of numbered colors. The player is required to color the artwork by matching the colors to their respective numbers.

This kit is perfect for beginners because it has few shades and a large space to color.

Lantern Walk Tool – For Middle-Ranked Players

The Lantern Walk tool is mostly purchased by middle-ranked players. This kit has intricate details in the artwork. The canvas depicts a set of lanterns and a person walking among them. This kit requires focus when coloring.

It is an excellent kit to test your coloring skills.

Personalized Paint by Numbers Tool – For Middle-Ranked Players

The personalized paint by numbers tool is the only kit that allows players to add their touch of art to the canvas. The canvas has a blank space that allows the player to add any piece of art and color it themselves.

This set mostly comes with a floral background on the canvas. This image is numbered and requires the player to match the colors with the numbers.

The process of coloring this canvas is fun. The provision for a personalized image in the canvas makes this kit stand out from the rest.

Starry Night Tool – For Experts

The Starry Night tool depicts a night full of stars. This piece of art was initially painted by Vincent Gogh. The process of coloring is meticulous and detailed. It requires expert players.

The kit comes with a set of paintbrushes and color jars. These color jars are numbered. The canvas has the piece of art by Vincent Gough, but it is in black and white.

The player is required to color this piece of art by matching the numbers on the canvas with the colors.

The challenge is in coloring the edges of the art. This is because they are very close to each other.

Try out the Starry Night tool to test your coloring skills.

Amsterdam Sunset Tool – For Experts

The Amsterdam Sunset tool is another kit for expert players. The set comes with paintbrushes and numbered colors.

The canvas has an image of the street canals in Amsterdam. The theme of this piece of art is a night-inspired theme.

This tool requires skill and focus. A single tool goes for $26.

3 Tips for Using Color by Number Tools

Color by number is an interesting process that engages the player. There are several tips that will help you perfect your coloring skills. Here are some of these tips.

1. Color Large Areas First

You should always start coloring the large segments on the canvas. This tip will orient you into the coloring mood. Once you get to the smaller areas, you will be able to color the edges carefully.

2. Color All Areas of a Given Color at Once

This tip is often dismissed by players. You should color the areas of a given color at once then move to a different color. This will reduce confusion and the chances of mixing up colors.

3. Tape The Edges of the Area You Are Coloring

Covering the edges of the area you are coloring improves neatness. This is because the color will not extend to the other segment.

Parting Shot

The most important thing in color by number is fun! You should make sure that you have fun when coloring.

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