5 Best Online PDF to Word Converters

Have you ever wanted to apply for a job to realize that the required format of the CV was .doc, or .docx but you only had your CV as PDF? Because PDFs are not created to be easily edited and don’t provide you with a way to extract text or images from them, the best way to edit PDF is to convert it to a Word file format.

Online PDF to Word Converters

This will ensure that the entire range of information remains intact in the newly created .doc or .docx file. These are just a few examples, but there are many other circumstances in which the use of file conversion tools can be beneficial.

It is very frustrating when we come across situations like this. Instead of having to manually retype your entire CV or other documents into a Word file, you can use specialized tools to convert your file into an editable Word document.

The conversion process of such tools is usually quick, and the quality of the results is outstanding. Depending on the tool you choose to use, you will have access to other useful functions in addition to the conversion tools, such as batch processing options, merge and split functions, etc.


This is a full-fledged document conversion suite with good PDF to Word conversions (one of the best on the market). EasyPDF, as the name suggests, allows you to easily convert any PDF to Word in just a few simple clicks. There is an option to upload your files directly from your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox. On top of that, EasyPDF is completely free to use, has no limitations on file size or the number of files you can convert, and has no annoying ads. Scanned PDFs can be converted since the tool is using a top-of-the-line OCR engine.  


Like EasyPDF, SmallPDF is also a tool with many conversion options baked in, PDF to Word. You can upload your files directly from your computer or supported cloud storage services. Conversion quality is good, and the tool is pretty easy to use and understand. In the free version of the tool, you can only convert up to 2 documents per day. In the Pro version ($12 per month), you are getting unlimited document conversions, better compression, customer support, and many other things.


Another great document conversion suite with a friendly user interface that makes PDF conversions easy and fast. Unlike others, they also have a mobile app (iOS and Android) and desktop software. iLovePDF has 20 tools for converting and manipulating PDFs, PDF to Word conversion included. Free users can use most of the tools (except OCR) with some limitations, and you can get a premium account for $6 a month.


It is one of the best PDF to Word converters available on the market. The tool is easy to use, and your documents will be converted in no time. No matter how complex your document is, CleverPDF should handle it without any problems. Your privacy is also guaranteed since the tool is using an encrypted connection for file uploading. You can upload files directly from your computer or supported cloud services. They also have an all-in-one desktop software you can purchase.


Universal tool for converting and editing PDFs. It supports PDF to Word, JPG, PowerPoint, Excel, Text conversions, and other tools for PDF manipulation like repairing damaged PDFs, compressing, protecting, and merging them. It also uses an OCR engine so that scanned documents can be converted as well. In a free version, documents you want to convert are limited by size (up to 50MB) along with some additional features.

Bonus: Xara PDF editor

The Xara PDF editor is an online tool that you can access from any device. It has advanced features that allow you to make any PDF file into a fully editable document and change text, pictures, fonts, and colors. Moreover, with the Xara PDF editor, you can convert, edit, merge, and split documents in no time. All you have to do is to create a Xara account, and you will have access to these great features.

To Conclude

In this article, we explored some of the best online tools for converting PDFs to Word documents. Most of the tools mentioned in this list also have other useful features such as support for converting Word or Excel files to PDF, options for merging, compressing, or unlocking PDFs, etc. We’d love to know which tool from the list you found the most useful. Let us know in the comment section below.

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