4 Times You Might Need To Hire An Employment Lawyer

In the past few years, a lot has changed for the world’s workforce; the great resignation saw more professionals leave their posts in a few short months than ever before. And because toxic work culture is half the reason employees are downing tools and walking out, new work culture standards are being created. There are several legal and ethical obligations that are to be followed by workplace management as employees are now empowered with services such as personal injury attorney.


It’s no longer a norm for employees to be forced to work in hostile environments, the gender pay gap is growing smaller, and fair opportunities are gradually emerging. With this, employees are also becoming more comfortable with the decision to hire an employment lawyer when the situation calls for legal protection.

As the world’s workforce continues to make impressive strides in abolishing discrimination, unsafe work conditions, and hostile environments, professionals are hiring employment lawyers in the following situations.

Sexual Harassment And Harassment

Both instances of harassment and sexual harassment can devastate an employee’s emotional wellbeing. And because there are laws in place to protect employees from this kind of misconduct, it’s essential to consult an employment lawyer in either situation.

While workplace harassment refers to instances of verbal threats, psychological abuse, and even digital harassment, sexual harassment refers to examples of sexually explicit jokes and comments, unprovoked sexual advances, and others.

In these situations, it’s crucial to consult a Seattle employment law firm.

Non-Compete Agreements

Non-compete agreements are clauses that can be included in employment contracts. These clauses forbid employees from competing with their own employers. Therefore, employees may not be able to resign and seek employment with competitors.

These agreements can be tricky to get out of, so it’s best to consult an employment lawyer if you have signed a non-compete agreement to determine the best course of action moving forward.

Wage Disputes

While you can’t sue your employer simply because you feel you are worth more and should be paid more as a result of merely that, you can sue your employer if they have been paying you below minimum wage.

The minimum wage pay standard in the US is $7.25 per hour. If your employer is paying you any less than this amount, you are legally entitled to pursue a lawsuit.

Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination is, unfortunately, pretty common. This instance refers to termination that contradicts the employment contract in any way. There are several examples of wrongful termination, and some include being fired for discrimination-based reasons, termination due to illness or injury, or termination without a reasonable notice period.

Other reasons to consult an employment lawyer include hostile work environments, instances of illicit activity in the organization, and lack of leave entitlements. But beyond this, you can also consult an employment lawyer to help you understand contract details.

Employment lawyers are beneficial in situations. That said, when finding an employment lawyer, it’s essential to have all the relevant evidence and information on hand. Your attorney will need to build a case, so the more evidence you gather before the consultation, the stronger your case will be. With this, your attorney will also value your case and help you negotiate settlement offers.

Hiring a lawyer to handle career-related legal issues will give you the peace of mind to focus on your career. Whether you need to consider making a career change to a high in-demand career or you’re hoping to end illicit activity within your business, employment lawyers will handle your concerns for you.

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