4 Cool Gadgets We May Be Using By 2020

Technology is becoming an increasingly important part of our everyday lives. In fact, it’s becoming so much of a key part of our daily routines that on average we spend more time staring at screens than sleeping. What’s exciting (or perhaps worrying for some) is that our dependence on technology shows no signs of decreasing, especially since technology is getting more and more advanced by the year. Here are 5 cool gadgets we may be using by 2020.

Smartphones with 5G

The fifth mobile network generation is on its way, and it’s thought that between 50 billion and 100 billion devices will be using it by 2020. Even though the new network will have to cope with huge demand that will surely keep on growing, it’s thought that 5G will be faster and less energy dependent than 4G. Those using smartphones with 5G should see websites and apps loading much faster, as well as much lower latency.

Self-driving cars

The debate about self-driving cars has been brewing for quite a few years now. There are those who think autonomous cars are the next step forward, then there are those concerned about passenger and pedestrian safety, as well as possible economic and moral problems autonomous cars could cause. Though autonomous cars haven’t exactly clicked with the public – surveys have found the majority don’t want them – companies like Google are pressing ahead with their development. In fact, chances are we will indeed see autonomous cars on the road by 2020.

Augmented reality headsets

In 2016, augmented reality became hugely popular around the world thanks to the runaway success of the Pokemon Go smartphone app. While virtual reality headsets are becoming more popular, it’s thought the next big thing in headset technology will be augmented reality headsets. These headsets will merge real life with the digital world by projecting images people and things, or whole environments, that blend seamlessly with your surroundings. This technology could take gaming to the next level; for example, with live casino games you could play while having the dealer projected live into your living room!


There have been quite a few instances of films and TV shows showcasing technological advances well before their time. In the Harry Potter series, newspapers aren’t just ordinary, static newspapers: they have moving images and texts. It’s thought that in the next few years, so-called e-papers could become a reality. Flexible organic light emitting diode technology would be used to superimpose the digital media on to a surface that looks remarkably similar to normal paper. With internet connectivity, the news could constantly be updated, reducing the need for new papers every day.

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