DIRECTV Packages: What Do You Really Get for Your Hard-Earned Cash?

Many dish and cable customers are often put off by DIRECTV because they’re unsure of what they’re really getting for their money. DIRECTV is one of the biggest suppliers when it comes to home entertainment these days, and there are multiple reasons why they’re at the top of their game. Not only are they the number one rated company for satisfaction when compared with the many other providers, but they also offer a range of unique features and services to better the experience for customers. Have a look at what you’ll get with a typical DIRECTV Package:

Hundreds of TV Channels for the Whole Family to Enjoy

The package you choose will ultimately determine how many channels you get. However, you can be sure you’ll get at least one hundred channels to better your home entertainment. All packages come with various categories for different shows, so there is always something for each family member regardless of their age and interests.

Choosing DIRECTV will give you a lot of variety, so you can be sure any package is going to be well-suited to your family’s needs – it just depends on how much you want to spend and whether you want to take advantage of the hundreds of HD channels and premium networks to better your experience.

An Easy-to-Manage Service

Once DIRECTV is available in your home, you’ll find it’s straightforward to manage, and you’ll not have to do anything other than enjoy the service provided to you. Installation is straightforward if going with an online dealer, as you’ll just need to connect the equipment provided, and you’re ready to go. Sitting back and enjoying your favorite shows is one of the many reasons why you’ll love the DIRECTV service.

Multiple Package Options

Different authorized DIRECTV dealers offer different packages., for example, have six different DIRECTV packages for you to choose from, so you’ll be able to find a package that suits the needs of you and your family with ease.

The benefit of choosing such a provider? You can adjust your package later if you want more entertainment. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have enough channels now or you feel you’re paying for more channels you need; you can get in contact with them to discuss other options; it’s that simple.

HD Channels to Better Your Experience

If opting for one of the most extensive packages, you’ll benefit from over 200 4K Ultra HD channels that will make watching TV even more realistic. Watching your favorite action films or discovery documents on cable or dish services just doesn’t provide the same optimum quality.

The HD channels at your disposal will give you a much smoother experience with more detail, so you’ll enjoy your favorite Die Hard movies even more.

A Chance to Bundle and Save Money

DIRECTV isn’t cheap, but neither are cable and dish solutions. However, if you really want to get a discount on your DIRECTV service, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t bundle your services. If you have a phone and internet package with another supplier, it’s straightforward to bundle them together with your DIRECTV subscription.

Doing so will give you a considerable discount every year, and it will also be less stressful knowing you only have one bill every month instead of two or three. DIRECTV dealers will often save you hundreds every year if you bundle because it makes their jobs more accessible, and it also means they are getting more custom.

Fewer Arguments in the Home

If you have a large family, you’ll benefit from the multi-room feature DIRECTV provides. This feature will let other TVs and devices in your home stream TV channels from the HD DVR box. This means even with a family or other people; you’ll each be able to stream a different TV channel, so there’s no bickering in the family.

The HD DVR box is just one receiver, and with that receiver, you’ll be able to connect 8 TVs to the box wirelessly, making the DIRECTV package even more convenient for the whole family to enjoy.

The HD DVR Box Comes with Many Other Features

The DIRECTV service comes with many features, but the HD DVR box has even more features to better the service. Not only do you have the option to connect wirelessly to multiple TVs around the house, but you’ll also get On Demand to record films and TV shows for viewing later.

Other features include Wi-Fi connection so you can connect your HD DVR box to the Internet, providing you with many other features such as access to the Pandora Radio Stations and live telecasts.

Job Satisfaction

One key element that sets DIRECTV apart from the rest is that the service provides the number one rated satisfaction service to customers compared to the other providers. Many customers leave very positive reviews and are more than happy with the overall service they are getting with both DIRECTV standalone packages and bundled packages with quicker internet speeds and better telecoms.

When you compare the cost of DIRECTV and the other providers with little to no unique features, it’s clear DIRECTV has the advantage. Whether you are a sports fanatic or just someone that enjoys watching documentaries and scary movies – DIRECTV has it all to keep all family members occupied from day one.

No Start Up Costs

Many providers don’t take a cent until you’ve had your first month of entertainment. Dish customers generally pay for the installation, which increases the overall rate of their service. DIRECTV customers get more features, a better service, and a much more cost-effective solution in the long run.

If you are genuinely looking for a service that provides everything you need, it doesn’t get much better than what DIRECTV has to offer. Features are in their hundreds, and the variety of TV channels across various categories will always give you and your family members something to watch anytime during the day.

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