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Why You Should See Vancouver in the Fall

The fall is a magical time of the year, as it is full of beautiful sights and brings about a slew of new activities for you to do. That being said, there are some places where experiencing fall is better than others. Some places are hot all year round, and thus there isn’t a lot of change when fall rolls around.


However, Vancouver isn’t one of these cities, as the city is absolutely gorgeous during the fall. So why should you be excited about the fall season if you just closed on one of the homes for sale in Vancouver? Here’s why you have to see Vancouver during the fall. 


The best reason to see Vancouver during the fall months is the city’s gorgeous fall foliage. Fall is known as one of the most beautiful seasons simply because the leaves begin to change color. Once fall begins, leaves begin to change their colors from their normal green to beautiful shades of red and gold. Vancouver is one of the best places to see fall foliage, as the leaves in the area seem to turn even brighter. Vancouver has plenty of gorgeous natural sights that are made even more beautiful from the fall foliage. If you’re looking for a great place to watch the leaves change color, Vancouver has to be at the top of your list. 


Another reason to visit Vancouver is the area’s wonderful climate. Vancouver and the rest of the Pacific Northwest have a relatively temperate climate. While the area gets cold enough for people to experience the full fall feeling, it never really gets too cold. Temperatures likely won’t dip below freezing during the fall, and the vast majority of days will have a comfortable temperature. Some areas have extremely cold autumn seasons that make it hard to get out and enjoy fall activities. On the other hand, some areas are too hot, meaning the leaves don’t change color, and it doesn’t feel like fall at all. Vancouver finds itself right in the middle, not being too hot nor too cold, but instead at the perfect temperature.


Something that is extremely great about fall in Vancouver are the fall holidays and their related activities. Vancouver has the perfect combination of great weather and beautiful scenery to be the perfect backdrop for holiday activities. Taking visits to pumpkin farms and haunted houses are much more fun when you have such beautiful fall foliage and great weather to enjoy. In addition, Trick-or-Treating on Halloween night becomes much more bearable, as you don’t have to worry about a cold October night. If you want a place that makes it easy to partake in fall celebrations, then you definitely should check out Vancouver. 

Outdoor Activities

An underrated reason to visit Vancouver during the fall months is for great outdoor activities. The Pacific Northwest is known for its amazing and beautiful geography that has plenty of famous hiking locations and outdoor amenities. As mentioned before, these locations are made even more beautiful by the fall foliage. On top of all that, Vancouver’s mid fall climate provides the perfect opportunity to get out and get some exercise. If you want a place to take some amazing fall hikes, Vancouver is the perfect place for you.

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