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White-Glove Logistics: Full Technical Installation of High Tech Equipment

As new and innovative tech is released, this creates a strong demand for specialized logistics, known as ‘white-glove logistics.’ This sector provides essential services to a wide range of sectors from retail to banking & finance, and these white glove teams transport, handle and install a wide range of equipment.

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Essential White Glove Services

The following services are offered by the white glove logistics provider.

  • IT Hardware Removal/Replacement – Computers don’t last forever. When a large company wishes to replace all of their office IT hardware, they will outsource this to a white glove logistics firm. The white glove company would be authorized to dispose of WEEE, and at the same time, they would install new IT equipment and configure it for use.
  • Medical Equipment – If, for example, a hospital is preparing to receive a new MRI scanning unit, white glove delivery from Tecdis Network would ensure that the device is professionally transported, housed, configured, and tested, ready for use. Any of the equipment you would find in an ICU unit would be set up by special technicians, while robotic surgery is another area that this sector handles.
  • ATM Installation & Maintenance – Next time you encounter a ‘temporarily out of order‘ sign on an ATM, it won’t be long until a white glove team arrives to fix the problem. Machines for depositing cash and updating bank books are also included in this sector, while teams of engineers would be working across the UK to service the many ATMs with their fully equipped mobile units.
  • Secure Telecommunications – Stock markets and other trading venues require secure digital networks for international trading, and the technicians would be able to protect the network from cyber-attack. When governments worldwide have their essential virtual meetings, the white glove technicians work in the background to create the communication platform. Click here for information about how industry 4.0 benefits.
  • Data Centre Relocation and Installation – Data is critical for every business. If your data center needs to be relocated, search online for a leading UK white glove logistics company, and they would be happy to quote for the project. They would handle every aspect of the project using certified engineers familiar with all forms of Datacenter. They can also expand an existing venue if required.
  • Reverse Logistics – As the name suggests, this is when the equipment is to be removed from the end user’s facility and transported to a venue of the manufacturer’s choosing. This might be due to a malfunction that cannot be repaired on-site, or the equipment might have ended its lifespan and needs to be replaced.
  • Gym & Fitness Equipment – The latest generation of fitness equipment demands specialized installation. The equipment is calibrated to allow for control from a central location, which the staff would manage. It is often the case when gym staff are trained by the white glove technician on how to manage the system, and should there ever be any issues; the white glove team would handle it.
  • Final Mile Delivery – When the time comes to install a piece of technical equipment that is large and complex, the white glove logistics company will take delivery of the equipment at a nearby location close to the final destination. From then on, the equipment is in their hands, and the journey to the final destination is likely to be very challenging, which might involve disassembling a portion of the equipment to gain access. Hospitals and science laboratories are typical venues for such work, and the premises need to be assessed before the project being implemented.

This booking sector is struggling to keep up, as businesses around the UK adopt new and innovative equipment, all of which must be transported, installed, and configured by industry technicians. The fast pace of digital development creates a growing need for a specialist technician who is certified and approved by the equipment manufacturer. They play a crucial role in the rollout of new tech equipment.

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