Which is the best prototype PCB Company in 2021?

The prototype PCB board is a product used on a large scale in the electronic market, being applied in different segments from information technology and telecommunications to automotive and aerospace.

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Which is the most common PCB prototype software?

Printed circuit board prototype is one of the most requested services in the electronics industry. It is important to test a prototype board to carry out tests before ordering mass production. We know of several PCB prototype vendors, but we don’t know their features and advantages.


EasyEDA is free circuit design software for schematic drawing, simulation, and printed circuit board design. In fact, EasyEDA is also partnering with JLCPCB – a low-cost PCB prototype provider for electronics professionals and hobbyists. EasyEDA offers low cost, fast delivery, and high-quality boards, with tolerance and precision, absolutely error-free.

EasyEDA has the characteristic to help the user from the development to the PCB production in an easier way. EasyEDA offers professional customized PCB services to save time and reduce the workload in PCB development

How to calculate Prototype PCB cost online?

There is an online PCB cost calculator at JLCPCB to help you quickly know PCI costs. Just select the specifications you need, such as Amount of Layers, Amount of PCB, Board Thickness, Board Color, Board Dimension with Width and Length. Your card costs will be calculated automatically. 

 The basis of any modern electronic device is a printed circuit board, technology has made great strides forward, but this fact remains unchanged.

It is quite a typical situation when a device is developed, and it needs to be implemented in hardware, in fact, to build a working prototype, for example, for debugging a microprogram.

The final concept may not yet be a definition, trivial errors are also possible, plus the time factor is important. Typically, it would be best if you had a prototype as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Suppose you need better thermal properties of your PCB. You can try aluminum PCB. They usually have much better thermal conductivity and are best suited for high-power LEDs or power supplies. JLCPCB is offering aluminum PCB prototyping for $2. This is a great chance to get one.

Who is the best prototype PCB manufacturer?

A simple analysis shows that at the moment, there are many large PCB manufacturers in the market and about a dozen small ones; this is a lot, and, it would seem, there should be no problems with the manufacture of boards. Unfortunately, many large manufacturers work according to old standards; they are stuck in the past and do not want to adapt to the modern rhythm of life. Yet you can trust JLCPCB as they are offering top-quality PCB boards at the lowest cost.

Everything is in the best traditions, people are waiting for large orders, and they are simply sure that the customer must know everything, the internal structure of the enterprise, the peculiarities of outdated production. Simple formula, give files away, pay, and get results is too easy.

In which way Prototype PCB is good in terms of money?

At the same time, if large manufacturers such as JLCPCB can be understood, small enterprises that do not receive large orders in principle, why they copy one-to-one such behavior remains a mystery. They even are willing to provide great discounts and entry rewards. For instance, JLCPCB is offering a first-time registering coupon of $18 which can be used for ordering PCB prototypes and STM assembly services. Returning customers also have a great benefit as they are currently offering large discounts for PCB prototyping. You can get 1-4 layer PCB for $2 price, and additionally, you can opt-in for a monthly coupon to get free SMT assembly.

It is unclear why manufacturers do not want to make prototypes, take several orders, and combine them into one big “spreading” the cost of preparation for all customers.

Prototypes Have Good Impact on Small Business Too

This is very important for small businesses and developers who do not have large budgets and are trying to save every penny.

There is a good example in China, where it is put on industrial rails, the quality and terms are more than acceptable, the only drawback is the delivery time.

Of course, there is a service for the rapid production of “prototypes” in a couple of days. However, you still need to pay for the preparation of production, in fact, this is an urgent order, and if you need to make changes to the fee, even minor changes, you will have to pay for preparation again.

This only applies to boards; if you need a PCB installation service, everything becomes much more complicated. There is no quick installation as a class; it is long, expensive, and, most importantly, the customer must delve into the specifics of production.
Based on the above, JLCPCB can help with the rapid production of prototypes of electronic devices and small-scale assembly.

Main Advantages Of The Prototype PCB Board 

One of the main benefits of the prototype PCB board is the possibility to test and validate the design features and functions before putting it into production.

JLCPCB boards

The prototype PCB board can be manufactured with numerous measures, being made according to the project’s needs or the customer’s desire, that is, a product made to order.

It is important to emphasize that, as there are several variations of the prototype PCB board, some of its characteristics can be modified, such as the number of holes, the size, the type of application, color, and the price of the product, among others. To ensure the best high-quality prototype PCB board, it’s important to have a trusted and expert company that offers the best features for your customers.

Therefore, a great option for those looking for a prototype PCB board is JLCPCB, a renowned company that operates in the electronics segment, serving throughout World. They were able to significantly reduce prototyping costs by automatization and mass production, and quality control.

Quality Prototype PCB Board Is At JLCPCB

With over a decade of proven experience in the market, JLCPCB is a manufacturer specializing in the printed circuit boards and laser stencil prototypes. The company has a qualified team and offers the best solutions for all its customers. 

JLCPCB’s target audience is industries from different segments, such as electronic engineers, designers, and layouts of printed circuit boards and professionals related to the SMT (surface assembly technology) production line area in the case of Stencil.


JLCPCB has a trained team and has certification, factors that prove its quality and efficiency in the field in which it operates. In addition, the company also offers the shortest delivery times in the market with 98% punctuality and experienced technical support to meet all the needs and queries of its customers. Secure the best prototype PCB board with JLCPCB and ensure the best results. 

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