When To Secure A Full-Service PCB Assembly Partner

If your product requires an assembled PCB (printed circuit board) and you don’t have the parts needed to build it, you’ll want to find a full-service PCB assembly partner. A full-service PCB assembly partner will take care of the entire PCB assembly for you.

What will a PCB Assembly Partner do for you?

Obtaining all of the individual parts needed for your PCB assembly can be very inefficient, especially when you consider the fact that you will then have to put those parts together on your electronic assembly before integrating them into your final product. It’s more cost-effective to go through a PCB assembly partner, which will also help minimize the potential problems that can arise from working with multiple vendors.

The only thing a PCB assembly partner will need from you is the specifications and requirements of your PCB. They will be able to:

  • Order all components that are needed for the PCB
  • Assemble the PCBs according to your specifications
  • Fabricate the PCBs

Because they are responsible for every aspect of the PCB assembly, they tend to have thoroughly trained employees to ensure the high-quality assembly of your PCB, and strong relationships with multiple vendors, which helps them obtain high-quality parts at lower costs that may not be attainable by other manufacturers.

As for the types of PCBs that a full-service PCB assembly partner can produce, you shouldn’t have any issue with that. Most PCB assembly service providers have the ability to manufacture all types of PCBs, including flexible PCBs that are laminated for higher application demands. Many of these potential PCB assembly partners can provide services that include edge plating, half-cut holes, Kapton tape, micro-vias, and more. Such PCBs can be used in numerous industries, including industrial, automotive, communication, defense, and more.

When you begin searching for the right PCB assembly partner for you, make sure that they are RoHS (restriction of hazardous substance) compliant. Most reputable PCB assembly partners should be.

Partial Assembly Services

It’s worth keeping in mind that just because a PCB assembly partner offers full assembly services, it does not mean that they do not do partial assemblies as well. For example, if you have some of the components that you need for your electronic assembly, such as your printed circuit boards, but you don’t have the ability to build an assembly, then you can provide the components to your PCB assembly partner along with your directions and specifications, and they will build your PCB assembly for you.

If you need a PCB built for your electronic assembly, then you should look into to working with a full-service PCB assembly service.

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