What Will Smartphones Look Like in 10 Years?

The smartphones of these present times can be regarded as emblematical technological oak trees that could not have even been imagined two decades ago. With every innovation in high-speed connectivity, sensor technology, advanced touchscreen interface, and powerful cameras, among many other features, there are no boundaries to what smartphones can do.

However, given the far that technology has come within a handful of years, it is worth considering just how far on that man`s innovative mind will shape the smartphones of the future. Let’s dive into some of the features that the smartphones of 2028 will be endowed with.

1. NextGen Phones Won`t Need Chargers

At one point in time, we have all complained about our mobile phone`s battery life. As a result of this, over the years, manufacturers have put a lot of effort into enhancing phone batteries with every new model. However, despite making such advancements, they also come up with faster processors, which end up draining more energy.

A decade from now, this problem is likely to be a thing of the past due to the potential breakthroughs in smartphone power generation. Future new releases will be powered by nano-batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, kinetic energy, or even solar power. With technology such as kinetic energy harvesters being in place, you’ll find that next-gen phones will be charging as you move about!

2. New Cell Phone Tech Will Enable Smart Phones to Recognize Their Owners

Over the past recent years, myriads of smartphone manufacturers have been in the business of trying to innovate methods of reinforcing smartphone security while concurrently providing a means by which users can avoid irritating PINs. Presently, most smartphones have features such as fingerprint and iris scanners which have already been proven vulnerable to hacking. These shortcomings are, however expected to be alleviated with the upcoming phone deals.

New cell phone tech, such as advanced facial recognition, which scans facial features as well as examines a person`s head and face contours, are set to be the future of Android. In addition to this, the recognition software will be made even more difficult to hack as they will be wired to recognize a person`s other unique attributes, such as your voice and typing patterns.

3. Augmented Reality Will Become Common

The next-gen phones are bound to augment reality to the point of even bringing about tremendous changes in industries such as online shopping. Picture buying a dress or shirt online, and when you view it on your phone, you get to see how it would exactly look on you. In addition to this, the iPhone’s future could be all about revolutionizing key industries such as healthcare and retail by taking augmented reality a step higher than it already is in.

What`s more is that with the progress of app developers being given access to mobile phone augmented reality toolkits, the future of Android and the upcoming windows phone could be centered on taking communication to a whole new level. This is because app developers will already have the power of accessing phone motion sensors as well as their cameras hence enabling them to come up with apps that can lay digital substances on the phone camera’s live view and still maintain accuracy when moved around.

In ten years’ time, this technology will have advanced to the extent that smartphones will not only have the ability to capture and alter images; they will also have the power to project them to the real world. This means that on top of the expected foldable screens from next-gen phones, it is highly likely that communication with smartphones will entail talking via the use of holograms.


As we have seen above, the possibilities of what our smartphones will look like in the future are endless. As much as it is impossible to predict the precise details of what will take place in the future, one thing that you should rest assured about is that your phone will not be similar to the one you will own in the year 2028.

Do you have any thoughts or ideas that you think people should expect from future phones? Please feel free to let us know some of them. Your comments will be highly appreciated!

About the author: Lucas M. Cappel is a travel enthusiast and a content writer from New York, USA. He is fond of human culture and education. Apart from this, he also assists in creating reviews on BestTechExpert.

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