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Understanding Gen Z and Millennials: Know the Best Restaurant Marketing for Them

Millennials have been trendsetters for many years. They basically create trends because, for years, they are the biggest percentage of the population. But as time advances, a new generation is building up and preparing to become the next heir. But Millennials are not going anywhere yet. They’re here to stay, and they’re good with sharing the throne with Gen Z’s. 


When is the better time for businesses to adapt and experiment in many things, but when a new generation is growing? This is an amazing opportunity for marketers to test things out and do extensive research. Generally, Gen Z is growing older, and they are now gaining more earning power and purchasing power. And purchasing power growing in the market means the opportunity to increase in sales.

In the food industry, a lot of things are common with both generations. In terms of online presence, food quality, and Instagram-able ambiance, they are basically sisters! Marketers should also gear up with their restaurant marketing if they want to stay in the game and be at peace with Millenials and Gen Z. 

If you own a restaurant, rest assured that you do not have to recreate your whole restaurant. You need a few tweaks to cater to what the younger generation wants. The goal here is to include the millennials and Gen Z in the target market you’re used to. 

The word of mouth

Millennials and Gen Z are into the experience. They want to try a restaurant just because a friend or a family member recommended them to one. You have to create a strategy or a style that could boost your restaurant’s image as somewhere they can create memories and a place where they can definitely share their experiences with everyone. 

The word of mouth marketing style is not only limited to what friends or family share with you when you meet. This marketing style has gone digital as well. A big percentage of the two generations combined rely on good internet reviews about places to eat. 

Instagram worthy

Both generations are very invested in what they post on their social media accounts (well, at least for many). They are attracted easily to restaurants that offer good environments, amazing ambiance, and new eyes that they can definitely share with their friends on the internet. 

For example, you can definitely hire someone or do a quick photoshoot of your food aligned to what’s trendy and what’s eye-enticing in social media nowadays. 

Instagram over the years has played a big major role in the two generation’s decisions on where to go, where to eat, where to stay. Many people in this generation want to stay updated, and they want to be a part of the experience on Instagram. They want to be a part of a big pool of customers who were drawn to a restaurant. 

You should definitely add social media marketing as a priority when refurbishing your restaurant marketing but do not forget that you must not stop fulfilling your customers’ wants after leaving the place. It would be best if you were constant in your efforts, and your consistency in delivering Instagram-worthy foods should be a continual experience. 

Affordable dining experience

These people love a good bargain. They want value from their money, and definitely, they want value from their experience. But don’t get me wrong. Millennials and Gen Z are not cheap. In fact, they highly expect a lot from the food they eat and the restaurants that serve them. So one thing is clear, you have to put up a reasonable price for your quality food. 

For example, many people in this generation want healthy food, but they know that healthy food is not cheap at all. They expect that healthy food comes with a price. But a lot of starting businesses in the food industry has already found the trick on this. They now offer healthy foods in one bowl where the millennials and Gen Z can already find a good amount of the healthy food they expect in just one serving or one short order. 

Communal dining

    It’s not already a secret that both generations love sharing. They want a dining experience that can be shared with many people, whether friends, family, or even strangers. They want an adventurous dining experience where they can see many people from all walks of life. These people want to find a sense of community even in dining out. 

Communal dining at the restaurant

This is also why restaurants that offer different cuisines from different countries have been growing and taking some space on the stage. Many people in the two generations want to experience what others experience, not only in dining but also in the cultural aspect in general. 

Food trucks and easy take outs

    Because Millenials and Gen Z love sharing their space with other people and other customers, subconsciously, they don’t want to go slow and stay in a place for a long time for the reason that they want others to take the table or space when they leave and let others experience what they just experienced. 

    They hardly are comfortable, in fact, for longer visits.

Food trucks are gaining popularity because they offer this kind of experience. People can order up, wait to be called and just eat in a corner or somewhere near the truck. The sum it all up, food trucks and restaurants that offer easy takeouts give these generations what they want; convenience.

Wrapping the Taco…

    The millennials have been studied and researched as to what they really want. While the Gen Zers are still starting. Only a few studies and statistics are available for marketers to consume. But one thing is common and already known; these two generations are expecting constant change. For marketers and restaurant owners to continue winning the growing generation, they have to keep an eye on updates. They have to continue providing an experience that is something different. 

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