Twilio vs Nexmo

What is Twilio?

Twilio is a phone service application that allows you communicate via a cloud-based platform. Here are the most common features that Twilio has:

  • Customized Alerts: Twilio’s notification product helps companies figure out the best way to find users based on their preferences, this includes Apple push notification, SMS, Google cloud-messaging service, and Messenger.
  • Video Calls: Twilio allows developers to use video conferencing for any app. IBM uses a function called “Bluemix” that helps doctors video=chat with their patients, eliminating long trips to routine checkups.
  • Global Compatibility: Twilio works with over 1,000 wireless, wireless carriers around the world, this saves developers time from having to code on each network. Yelp uses Twilio to create a global text-based system for restaurants. Also, Crisis Text Line started to use Twilio’s service so it can expand internationally.

What is Nexmo?

Nexmo is Venmo’s API system that helps you find out what phone carrier delivers the best performance. To do this, they continuously test the routes that deliver the voice and SMS applications.

Using the Adaptive Routing algorithm, it will re-route the messages through multiple carriers and gives optimum delivering for your messages. This route choice is made by a million of real-time conversion points.

  • Conversion data – By sending small traffic to the carriers, we’ll see what route performs best at one point in time and is automatically rerouted. This analysis occurs every five minutes from data points that were created 15 minutes ago.
  • Delivery receipts – DLRs are apart of handset delivery. However, delivery receipts aren’t a good measurement of the SMS reception, Nexmo uses its conversion data for quality measurement.

With Nexmo, users can experience more stability, security, and freedom when using their API. It’s a good alternative to Twilio as it allows users to deliver and receive messages in a fast and safe manner.

Twilio vs. Nexmo – Which One is Best For Me?

Here are the main features we’ll compare to see if Twilio or Nexmo is the best service for you:


When it comes to design, Twilio has the most responsive look out of the two. However, Nexmo’s applications appear less cluttered, which is great for some users who want a minimal interface in order to conduct, record, and do a lot more features with their calls. While the design is subjective, Twilio is the better choice.

User Experience

In the twilio vs nexmo debate, users want a system that’s easy for them to understand and guides them through the process of utilizing the app. Twilio does this well as the company has extra features such as pinning important sections and quick access links so you can further reach the programs you’re trying to access.

Nexmo’s user experience is purely based on its minimalist design, but that doesn’t mean its as functional as other programs. It has its information in a log list program while Twilio uses graphs and visuals to help see the information placed on the server.


Pricing can vary depending on the size of your network and how many dedicated numbers you have. Twilio requires their users to pay $1 for each number, while Nexmo charges $.75 cents per new phone.

If you’re a smaller company, then you should start with Nexmo due to their low prices. But Twilio is also a good option if you’re trying to get a functional system for your team to use.


To conclude, we believe that both of these phone systems are good for users wanting to utilize their network. Ultimately, when picking which system, choose the one that fits your budget and which features suit you the most.

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