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Top professional resume writing service providers

When you look for the best resume writing services on the internet, you’ll see over 8000 results. Further, when you browse through this myriad of options, you’ll see that hundreds of freelancers, companies, and the experts who offer the ‘best’ resume writing services seem a bit suspicious. Since your CV is something that could be a stepping stone in landing you your dream job, it is essential to reach out to only an expert resume writer.

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All of this can get a bit overwhelming. To simplify the choice for you, we have come up with a list of some of the best resume writing services you can choose from.

LinkedIn ProFinder 

A lot of people across the world make use of LinkedIn to look for jobs or when they need any information related to their careers. However, most of them do not know that LinkedIn offers a unique marketplace for professional services for resume writing, career coaching, and interviewing. It is called LinkedIn ProFinder. Maria says, when she had to apply for a job at TFTHshe got her resume prepared by the experts at LinkedIn ProFinder. 

Turnaround time: Usually three days, but could go up to 14 days 

The price charged: Varies from $100 to $700 

Writing experts: More than 100 

Industries it caters to: Marketing, Healthcare, IT, Finance, and many more.   


  • Inexpensive 

The resume writers of LinkedIn ProFinder is primarily a team of freelancers and not any particular company. Thus, prices are unquestionably more competitive. However, for a good quality resume from a top-rated writer, you’ll have to pay approximately $100. In this case, the money that you pay goes directly in the hands of the writer. Jacob says, he hired one of the freelancers from LinkedIn ProFinder, and that got him his job at TAE

  • Quicker 

Usually, as soon as you upload a requirement, you’ll get the proposals from all the potential resume writers. Now, it is on you to decide who you want to assign the job.  

  • Local options 

If you desire to meet your resume writing professional, you can pick a professional from the available local options.  

  • Wide choice 

You have a humongous choice available to yourself. So, you can pick one from the multitude of professionals who send their quotes to you.  

Though this platform will give you access to several freelancers who’ll be up to take up this job, there’s no standard format or process that’s followed company-wide. You’ll have to look through the details submitted by different freelancers, analyze the proposals, and then pick the one who’s resume style appeals the most to you.

How to reach LinkedIn ProFinder? 

In case any assistance is needed, you’ll get adequate help as LinkedIn offers tech support in the form of its concierge team to hire a professional. You can access the contact form or the live chat option to reach out to their team. 

The Muse 

Unlike the usual resume writing primarily text-based collaboration, The Muse offers an entirely distinct model in the resume writing services. In this, there’s a coaching service, which has your resume update. Based on your chosen coaching service, you get a 30 to 60-minute phone call or a Skype call with your professional. Daniel, who just got his job with TrumpLearning by the power of his professionally written CV, says that he was particularly impressed by the Muse’s coaching service. 

Turnaround time: Usually four days, but could go up to 7 days 

The price charged: Varies from $119 to $1699 

Writing experts: More than 80 

Industries it caters to: Fitness, IT, health, HR, and fashion, and almost every other industry.    


  • Array of options 

The Muse gets you access to a bunch of experts from a multitude of fields. So, you have a chance to get your resume drafted by an expert. Jennifer, says she is a trained homework writing expert, but still reached out to The Muse, to crack her interview with EduWorldUSA

  • Very interpersonal 

At times, job seekers intend to have a conversation about the job, the prospects, and the resume. If that’s what you desire, you can certainly get it with The Muse. The Muse’s coaching service is indeed going to be helpful for you.  

Once the coaching session is complete, you’ll get your updated resume that looks more appealing and attractive. The resumes are designed with ATS technology so that they get you your desired interview call. Based on your chosen service, you might get either one, or two, or sometimes even unlimited edits of your draft resume. All of this will happens within two weeks. The good thing about The Muse is that their services are incredibly personalized. However, that also means that you should be thorough with the research work before finalizing your coach. 

How to reach The Muse? 

In case of any queries or problems with regards to your delivered service, get in touch with the team of The Muse by dropping them an email.

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