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Things You Absolutely Should Not Do in Your PG in Pune

Now that you’re about to move to Pune to start your new job or a semester of college, you’re no longer able to stem the excitement about all that you’re going to do there. After all, it’s a city for young people like you to thrive and achieve your dreams. As you settle into your PG in Wakad and meet your new roommates, your mind is filled with all the possibilities that the next few years of your life in Pune will bring.


But hold up. Before you get ahead of yourself with all those fantasies of being independent and living on your own, it’s important to remember that living in a paying guest accommodation comes with certain restrictions too. After all, you’re going to be sharing your space with others, so it’ll be important to be considerate of their needs. If this is your first time living in a shared space, you might be confused about the dos and don’ts of living in a PG. That’s why we’ve got you a list of the things that you should absolutely avoid doing while you’re living in a paying guest residence. Let’s check them out.

Skip the chat with your landlord

You may have come across an excellent PG listing online or through a friend’s recommendation. But signing a lease or paying a deposit without discussing your tenancy with your landlord is a bad idea, no matter how great the reviews are. Because your landlord will be able to provide you with some clarity on how the residence can accommodate you. You’ll also be missing out on a key opportunity for negotiation. For example, if the meal timings of your PG don’t fit your schedule, you can ask your landlord if the food can be packed for you or if you can get some discount on your rent instead. Plus, talking to your landlord before moving in will be a chance for them to clarify their rules and expectations to you, so you know exactly which utilities are included in your rent and what the housekeeping schedule is.

Carry restricted items

Almost all PGs have some restrictions in terms of what you can bring to them. Most of the time, these restrictions are in terms of fire hazards as you’ll be sharing a space with a lot of people, but sometimes there could be specific restrictions based on the warden or building’s specifications. It’s important to stick to this rule and avoid carrying any restricted items as it could inconvenience a large number of people or even get you evicted from your PG. 

Hog the bathroom

This is not so much a rule as a basic expectation. When you’re living in a PG, you’re sharing more than just your room, you’re sharing your washroom too. And if you’re going to be occupying it for hour-long showers or cluttering up the countertop with your different styling products, it’s going to make life a little difficult for your roommates. Don’t be that person. Try to limit the amount of time you spend in the shower, particularly during rush hours (the environment will also be grateful). And invest in a bathroom caddy or pouch in which you can place all your toiletries and carry them with you to the washroom, rather than cluttering up the limited area. 

Make permanent alterations

Of course, you want to make your PG in Karve Nagar feel like home by decorating it to match your tastes. But if you go overboard with your decoration and attempt to make permanent alterations to your room by drilling holes in the walls, putting up shelves, or painting it a different colour, your landlord is surely going to object. Remember that your residence is your home while you’re in Pune, but it will not be yours forever. You will need to take permission from your landlord if you’re dying to make structural changes or repaint the walls. Instead, you could opt for damage-free room decor options by coordinating your belongings in a particular colour scheme or using easy-to-peel contact paper to give your room a more personal touch.

And there you have it. These are the things you absolutely should not do when you move to your PG in Pune. If you follow our suggestions, your roommates and your landlord will both be grateful, and you’ll save yourself a ton of inconvenience too. 

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