The Ultimate Guide to Exterior Doors: Finding the Ideal Fit for Your Home

Entry door choice requires lots of details to consider.

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Keep in mind the standard sizes:

  • 28 x 80 exterior door
  • 30 x 80 exterior door
  • 32 x 80 exterior door
  • 34 x 80 exterior door
  • 36 x 80 exterior door.

All other sizes are considered to be custom.

What type of door is best for an exterior door?

The best and the most picked exterior doors are:

  1. Steel Doors. They offer superior security and are robust and long-lasting. They require less upkeep as well. 
  2. Fiberglass Doors. Although they are more resilient to weather, fiberglass doors can resemble wood. They require little upkeep and are energy efficient.

What should I look for in an exterior door?

When choosing an exterior door you should pay attention on:

  • Door material
  • Door configuration (side lights, transom, double doors, single doors)
  • Door opening size
  • Door color
  • Door glass options 
  • Door Hardware

What sizes do exterior doors come in and what are standard external door sizes?

Exterior doors are available in both standard and custom sizes. A custom-size door would cost more.

The standard front door sizes are:

  • 20 x 80
  • 30 x 80 
  • 32 x 80 
  • 34 x 80 
  • 36 x 80 
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How do I know what size door to order?

To determine your door size, you need to measure:

  1. Width. From the inside edge of one side to the inside edge of the other, measure the width of the door frame. Measure at the top, center, and bottom of the frame. Use the smallest measurement.
  2. Height. At the left, right, and center of the aperture, measure the height of the door frame from top to bottom. Use the smallest measurement.
  3. Jamb. Consider the door jamb thickness. This will affect how wide your door overall will be.
  4. Rough opening.

Always confirm with a professional Vinyl Light technician your door size. Our door installer will take accurate measurements to avoid mistakes.

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