The Top Open Source JavaScript Libraries

JavaScript is a prominent language on the modern web. Websites, apps, and interface elements are commonly constructed with JavaScript because it’s a powerful, diverse form of coding capable of creating nearly any web function. When programming with JavaScript, developers can save time by using pre-made JavaScript libraries. These libraries are designed to automate the creation of various design elements and functionality. The best JavaScript libraries are usually open-source and free to use, which is great for developers on a budget. Check out these top 10 open-source JavaScript libraries for your next website or application.

1. jQuery

jQuery is perhaps the most widely distributed JavaScript library among websites that use Content Management Systems like WordPress. This JavaScript library contains free scripting for animations, HTML manipulation, and an API for Ajax to accomplish complex features on any website. If you have WordPress hosting, you should download jQuery to see all the ways it can improve your website.

2. Node.js

The Node.js framework contains open-source libraries for JavaScript that allow you to create scalable websites and applications. This library package is equipped with pre-compiled scripting for front-end elements and events. This open-source software is free to use and has a large community of contributors. Node.js is one of the most popular toolkits for JavaScript coders.

3. Bootstrap

Bootstrap is an open-source JavaScript framework and library for website development. This JavaScript package is popular among WordPress and HTML site owners, since it can provide the basis for building any website. If you have WordPress hosting, you should check out Bootstrap when designing or selecting a theme for your website.

4. React

React is an open-source library for JavaScript that can help you build user interfaces for web and mobile applications. React is used to create applications that interact with Facebook through the public Facebook API and other public APIs. React is growing in popularity, as many start-ups are utilizing its time-saving benefits to create modern web apps.

5. Json Server

This free software can be used to create a fully functional REST API for your testing or development purposes. It contains many JavaScript library items, including a local server application and an automated API creator. This is designed for testing purposes and can help frontend developers have something to test against while designing interface elements.

6. Mavo

This free JavaScript library will help you create an entire website using nothing more than HTML and CSS. The library components in this download contain interactive elements to transform your basic scripting into fully functional JavaScript code that can be read by any browser. This is an excellent tool for JavaScript beginners, or those wanting to learn more about how to code a website.

7. Recline

Recline.js is a comprehensive library for JavaScript for building data-based web applications. It contains several other JavaScript library packages, including the popular SlickGrid, Flot, and D3 libraries. Recline.js is fully redistributable, and offers plenty of online documentation for new users. Recline is perfect for business-app developers as well as productivity software makers.

8. Breeze

Breeze is a JavaScript library aimed at helping you collect, modify, and execute data-related information and tasks. This open-source collection of JavaScript coding can be used to create browser caching, track metadata changes, or form queries. This rich JavaScript library is perfect for on-device compiling and is an excellent choice for any mobile developer. Many established tech and web development companies consider this JavaScript toolkit indispensable.

9. Three.js

Three.js is an open-source library for JavaScript that works on every major web browser. It can used to create 3D animations and other effects with JavaScript. Three.Js is popular among HTML5 users since it works well with the canvas element, it also works well as WebGL and SVG. Three.js is a product of the new rapid-development trend in JavaScript, and can help you build stunning applications or websites quickly enough to keep up with Internet trends.

10. Mootools

JavaScript coders looking for an open-source library for web development, animation, and DOM elements should check out Mootools. This JavaScript framework contains libraries for requesting PHP scripts and event handling and several pre-built classes and elements. Mootools requires at least an intermediate level of JavaScript development skills, but its learning curve isn’t incredibly steep.

Since JavaScript works on every modern web browser, and can be used to make nearly any web element, its popularity has steadily grown over the past several years. By using JavaScript libraries created with open-source standards you can save time and create stunning website and application features with ease. Libraries like Bootstrap, Mootools, and Mavo can help you build entire websites or WordPress themes and plugins, while Node.js, Three.js, and others can help you create stunning web applications that work on desktop and mobile. Try some of these top open-source JavaScript libraries to get ahead on your next web development project.

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