The Most Popular Crypto Buying Platforms

There are numerous platforms for operations with cryptocurrencies in the market. Crypto buying platforms can be of two types:

  • centralized
  • decentralized

Both are actively used. Decentralized services are more suitable for fast operations with small sums. They don’t store users’ assets and don’t guarantee their safety. In fact, decentralized sites are intermediaries between users, and it requires experience to realize which of them are secure.

The best crypto buying platform for a beginner trader is a centralized exchange:

  • Binance
  • WhiteBIT
  • Coinbase 

Any cryptocurrency exchange platform from the list above belongs to the centralized type. That means they have traditional management like classical financial institutions. Such platforms operate officially, provide a high level of safety for their clients and funds, and enable quality and fast service and numerous earning opportunities. Let’s consider some of the most common centralized crypto exchanges.


Binance is the top platform to buy crypto, with the biggest daily trade volume. This exchange allows users to buy crypto assets with fiat currencies. Binance charges a fixed fee of 0,1%. The platform has recently reduced the fees for funds withdrawal. Binance offers a huge selection of crypto assets and various tools for trading. Daily trade volume as of the middle of April 2022 is $16,4.


The exchange allows to buy crypto with fiat currencies and to deposit money from other wallets using bank or credit cards. The platform’s fees are not fixed, and often they are higher than average commissions in the market. When depositing a credit card, a user pays a fee of 4%.

Still, Coinbase is a credible platform with a daily trade volume of $2,3.


Many users call WhiteBIT the best platform to buy crypto. In addition to simple swapping, the platform offers a smart staking program, margin trading, p2p, spot trading, bots, and many other earning opportunities. The exchange uses a special web application to find and eliminate hacker attacks. WhiteBIT keeps 96% of user assets offline, not allowing hackers to reach them. Besides, the platform has launched an Insurance Fund made of users’ fees.

WhiteBIT corresponds to all KYC and AML requirements like other credible exchanges in this article. 

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