The Most Common Mistakes People Make When Playing Block Puzzles

Puzzles are classic games that have been available for decades. They are exciting and fun trivia games. They can also help put your mind into good shape because they require logical thinking. Puzzles continue to gain popularity now that they can be played on electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Moreover, players can choose from plenty of puzzles, making it easier for them to choose one that they can quickly solve without much struggle.

block puzzle

However, when it comes to playing puzzles, players usually make some mistakes that can not solve the puzzles easily and quickly. Here are mistakes you should avoid when playing a puzzle game.

Trying to guess

This is one of the most common mistakes many players make when playing block puzzles. It can be pretty tempting to place a block when you have a strong belief that it will offer you a solution, even if you can’t find a logical reason behind it. However, a wrong guess can make it quite difficult to solve your puzzle. Usually, this mistake only becomes apparent when you are almost done with the game. This means all your efforts and time spent solving the puzzle will go to waste. Of course, you wouldn’t want that, which is why you need to learn to use logic when solving puzzles.

Not planning your move

If you are too occupied in the game, you may not clear rows and columns, so you will carelessly place the blocks as they come. Unfortunately, this can make you end up with a block that doesn’t fit anywhere or leave many blank squares where no other block can fit.

Suppose you want to achieve a higher score when playing a block puzzle that requires proper planning. Planning your moves and staying three blocks ahead can help you play long before the timer ends. The best way to achieve this is to view three blocks in the puzzle, with the new set of three blocks that appears when you place all the blocks from the previous set. Of course, this will leave you with enough chance to plan your moves and place the blocks properly for clear maximum cells.

Failing to leave space for the 3×3 square pieces

The sudden appearance of the 3×3 block can sometimes kill your block puzzle. Always remember this when playing a block puzzle game. You should always leave space for the 3×3 block if you don’t want your game to end prematurely. The critical thing is to create space and not to fill space. When it comes to playing block puzzles, the more you clear and place more blocks, the higher your score. So if you are looking for ways to score higher in your block puzzle game, strive to clear more cells.

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