The Impact of Employee Engagement on Productivity

Employee engagement has now become the focus of most successful Human Resource Departments. It motivates individuals and teams to contribute to the success of the company that they work for and ultimately impacts the profitability of companies.

A workforce that is actively participating in the goals of the organization that they work for and is committed to achieving their best work will ultimately benefit the company. Engaged employees are much more productive than their disinterested colleagues.

Employee Engagement on Productivity

Organizations are increasingly seeing the positive impact of shifting their focus from deadlines and work output to employee engagement. Enthusiastic, engaged employees are contributing more to productivity and leading the way in new Human Resource practices that are beneficial for all concerned.

To assess the engagement of your employees, invest in an employee engagement survey because as you will soon discover, this has a direct impact on the success of your business.

Improved Job Satisfaction

There is not much that can improve productivity like job satisfaction. Happy, engaged workers who are focused on the objectives of the organization and feel a contributing part of the company successes will have greater performance and productivity. Employee engagement is a key factor in improving job satisfaction creating a positive workplace culture that, in turn, drives organizational success.

Improved Customer Service

Happy, engaged employees provide better customer service experience. It does not matter how good your product or service is, if a customer is faced with a disgruntled and disengaged employee, they will likely take their custom elsewhere. How you treat your staff will directly affect how they then treat your customers and therefore have an impact on productivity and ultimately your bottom line.

Innovation Within the Workplace

Employees will often find innovative ways to handle everyday tasks when they are engaged and empowered to do so. This can often lead to the streamlining of processes and a sense of ownership for your workforce when it comes to achieving their goals and ultimately, the goals of your company.

Improved Employee Retention and Acquisition

Any employer will no doubt know the financial commitment required to recruit new staff not to mention the strain that recruitment puts on company resources. Organizations with the highest performers have a workforce that is engaged in their work. Employee engagement and satisfaction can help attract new talent to your company and retain existing employees.

Reduce Absenteeism

Absenteeism is a huge cost for companies with disengaged, disgruntled staff. A happy, employee with an emotional investment in their place of work will usually work harder and take fewer sick days as well as show signs of improved mental health. They are more likely to attend work regularly and communicate better with their colleagues which in turn leads to close working relationships and increased productivity. Happiness is also infectious, so happy staff will influence others, reducing absenteeism across the entire company.

Employee engagement must remain a top priority for any business that is looking to increase profit and growth.

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