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The CBD weed and Europe

The European Court of Justice, in a ruling, recently ruled that an EU Member State cannot prohibit the marketing of CBD that has been legally produced in another Member State, as this would be a violation of EU law on the free movement of goods.

This ruling arises concerning the marketing and distribution in France of electronic cigarettes with CBD oil. The CBD oil cartridges were made from organic hemp plants, where it is permissible to use the entire Cannabis Sativa plant in production. For more information, visit upscalelivingmag.

The Great CBD Debate

The great CBD debate in Europe is still full of uncertainties and doubts.

It is important to anticipate that CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a non-psychotropic compound produced by cannabis plants.

While most European countries have legalized it in some way,

The indication for many is that CBD weed must be extracted from industrial hemp and contains less than 0.2% THC, the intoxicating compound found in cannabis. However, countries like France and Norway only allow CBD isolate (the pure form of CBD) without THC.

The EU CBD market

The CBD market in Europe is growing strongly and represents a reality that is struggling to establish itself due to uncertainties and illogical choices.

However, still in the EU market, CBD weed represents reality with important numbers within the world cannabis market, coming second only to North America, exceeding 90,000 acres of land, scattered in Europe, dedicated to the production of hemp, particularly concentrated in France, the Netherlands, Lithuania, and Romania.

It is stated that “The European cannabis industry has grown more in the past twelve months than in the last six years. Some countries have approved new regulations, favorable to cultivation and sale, investing about 500 million quo in the sales business”.

This information is provided by Prohibition Partners, a consulting and data collection company on the legal cannabis markets, established in London in 2017.

Where to buy CBD Weed in Europe?

The changes that have taken place in recent months have brought a strong growth impact to the demand for the purchase of CBD weed and have also changed the habits of consumers in search of more and more online stores specialized in the sale of cannabis.

Establishing itself more and more as a top player in its market, Cbdmania is an e-commerce specialized in the online sale of CBD weed. Thanks to its vast and varied catalog of high quality CBD products it offers guarantee and excellent value for money.

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