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It seems like everyone has decided to ditch Magento and WordPress websites and turn every online shop and store into an enormous multi-vendor marketplace. Like many small business owners, we were skeptical of this trend at first.

Build the best marketplace platform using the turnkey software solution from e-commerce professionals!“. That’s what you hear everywhere these days.

But after giving it a try, we can honestly say that marketplaces are here to stay. Let us share some thoughts a few months into building a brand-new website for pet products.

Online Marketplace Platform. Do You Need One?

An online marketplace platform will turn a new page for your business. How can you resist the temptation, when it allows you to:

  • Get rid of wholesale, storage, and drop shipping troubles.
  • Provide your customers with a comfortable shopping experience.
  • Avoid the need to source the merchandise.
  • Reap the benefits of b2b, b2c, and p2p business models.
  • Sell various items, without limiting yourself to china, makeup, clothing,
  • Change the theme of the store every so often without a fuss.

With Online Software Software by RadeMade, you can open as many e-commerce platforms as you need. Please arrange for a secure hosting, white out the standard design, top them off with necessary add-ons, and the sites are good to go. Now you need to attract a seller or two, invite customers and use powerful analytics tools to increase your ROI.

Are There Any Downsides?

Before you find the right company to design the best online marketplace platform for you, you will have to do some research. Custom development is exceptionally costly, but you can find a ready-made builder to suit your needs, like Online Marketplace Software. It won’t be free, but its price is comparatively reasonable among the turnkey solutions.

You will still need to work on attracting suppliers, wholesalers, distributors, and customers to your platform. Marketing expenses are inevitable, but at least you won’t have to worry about drop shipping, resale charges and returns.

You will need to get used to a new CMS. It has everything you need, from the cart to a discount label library. However, there is still a learning curve to master every available plugin, extension, script, and module. The customization possibilities will make your head spin.

There aren’t many SAAS solutions on the market that provide the same wide range of features as OMS by RadeMade. It is an ultimate choice for all companies who wish to create their peer-to-peer selling, buying, or lending platform. We’ve enjoyed it so far and highly recommend it to anyone new to the marketplace game.

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