Arduino based smart wristwatch that accepts gestures

Smart watches normally have small displays and so controlling them can be trickier than smart phones or other devices. There are also lots of situations, when you need to control the watch, but both of your hands are occupied. Darthmouth team has been looking for a solution to this problem and came out with WristWhirl smart watch prototype. They integrated smart control capability in to watch strap where they put 12 IR proximity sensors and piezo vibration sensor that would accept biomechanical gestures. The watch is equipped with 2’’ TFT display. Inside the watch an Arduino DUO is ticking. As a smart watch it can do lots of things including Google map navigation, music player where user can scroll through playlists with simple gestures. No watch would be great without games. There is an experimental Tetris which accepts wrist swipes, wrist extension and wrist flexion combination. Continue reading

Chronio – an arduino smart watch that looks great

There are many attempts to build custom smart watches. Many of them have nice characteristics, but lack the finished look. If you are going to wear it, then design and feel is very important factor. Max.K introduced his 3D printed watch version. His design called Chronio is an Arduino based custom built watch featuring Atmega328p microcontroller, Real time clock DS3231, 96×96 pixel Sharp Memory display and is powered by CR2025 160mAh battery. The watch has overcome several revisions and already has a bunch of useful features that include efficient power saving that leads to 20uA power consumption, 3 button interface (no touch screen functionality), displays time, date, temperature and battery information on main screen. Other apps include stopwatch, experimental Flappy bird game. And additionally to that case fits standard 22mm watchbands, so you are free to choose the one that fits best for you. The inspiration to this project was Pebble Time watch which looks more advanced from inside, but appearance is similar. Chronio can’t beat Pebble Time in its features, but it seems that battery time is 6 times… Continue reading

Large smart watch has its own beauty

We are used to see smart watches to be somewhat similar to regular watches that are normal size and sleek. Zack broke that confidence by building different smart watch which takes quite amount of your arm. It’s built by using standard 16×2 VFD display. Watch is clocked by Teensy 3.0. Around it there is a solid 3D printed enclosure where other instruments are located. It has many features that makes it even more attractive. There is a laser pointer, flashlight, TV-B-gone, Breathalyzer, On LCD screen there is a clock, calendar, also the Gathering card game. Watch control is done with fairly big knob and switches. I think it should look nice addition to some sort superhero costume. Wearing it in daily basis would be uncomfortable. Continue reading

ATMEGA-based Smart Watch

This particular smart watch won the MAKE challenge this year and it’s an interesting application in wearable technology. Its Powered by an ATmega644PA Microduino Core and an ATmega1284P microcontroller (MCU), the device features Bluetooth LE connectivity and a 3D-printed case. Apart from time, there are working on update which will give you Facebook or Twitter notification. It has an OLED screen which might be a little heavy on your wallet, along with vibrational motor and few LED sequins and general electronics. The clock is Arduino compatible. It uses BLE112 library, Time Library, OLED Library and a Graphic Library all of which are available on the internet. There are two breakouts to allow the Arduino to be programmed via a FTDI friend, and the BLE112 chip to be reprogrammed by a CCDebugger. The battery includes a switch and an extra charging jack. The switch has 2 modes, either on, or charging. The Screen is connected to the microduino via predefined hardware SPI pins, providing the fastest graphical update. A small vibration motor is also there which is connected using a transistor. Continue reading