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Super Boost Wi-fi Booster: The Answer to Removing Dead Spots?

Have you ever experienced being connected to a wi-fi network, and out of a sudden, your connection fails? How about jogging around the area with your Spotify music, and then it stopped working? Are you calling a friend, and the call disconnects due to poor signal reception? These are only a few scenarios where the wi-fi signal reception is poor to zero in public places because you entered a wireless dead spot.

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At home, these scenarios are only a few of the limitless situations where a wi-fi signal could be strong one moment and gone the next. Suddenly losing your wi-fi signal can leave you with a frozen screen or stop you mid-scroll on your social media account. This can also interrupt an online game where you can lose credit score if you cannot reconnect immediately or spoil your binge-watch session on Netflix. The internet simply became an inseparable aspect of your day-to-day existence.

In the present state of technology, where everyone relies heavily on the internet, having a reliable and strong wi-fi signal reception at home is a need every member of the family cannot live without. Having a dead spot at home can become a big nuisance to everyone if not fixed or rectified immediately.

What is a Wireless Dead Spot?

A dead spot or blind spot is an area within your home or apartment that has poor to zero signal reception. Once you cannot receive a wi-fi signal, or send and receive anything through the wi-fi connection you have, you are in a dead spot. Supposedly, it is also covered by wi-fi, but due to certain causes, you cannot establish a strong and stable connection.

What Causes Dead Spots?

The following reasons could cause dead spots:

  • Distance from The Router to The User. Sometimes, one of the reasons why you have a poor wi-fi signal reception is because you are too far away from the router. The wi-fi signal has to travel through a lot of items in your home before reaching your mobile device. Think of it as a clothing material. The more it goes through something, the weaker it gets. Keep in mind that a wi-fi’s signal only has a certain range it can reach.This means that the nearer you are to your router, the stronger your signal will be. On the other hand, the farther you are away, the harder it is to establish a strong connection and the weaker the signal.
  • Solid Materials. Whether walls, doors, cabinets, or dividers, as long as it is a solid material, it affects your wi-fi signal. Some of these materials may deflect the signal or absorb it. this then makes it slower or overall block the signal from reaching you.
  • Liquids. Water droplets can absorb radiofrequency. This affects the overall performance of the signal in the area. Have you ever noticed that there are instances when rain is pouring, and your phone has no signal reception? The same goes for wi-fi connections. The water distorts, slows down and may even disrupt the signal from your router.
  • Building Materials. Construction materials such as metals can also affect the signal reception of your device. It is then crucial to check and know what materials are used in making the home you live in.
  • Electrical Equipment and Appliances. Appliances such as microwave oven, toaster, or cordless phone also have an impact on your signal reception. These appliances could cause electrical interference. The farther you are from an electrical device, the lesser the electrical interference.

You can improve the wi-fi signal in your home by removing the dead spots with the use of innovative products such as the Super Boost Wi-Fi Booster.

Defining the Super Boost Wi-Fi Booster

The Super Boost Wi-Fi Booster is also known as a signal repeater and range extender. As these names state, this unit helps in boosting the signal of your wi-fi through extending the range of the signal to rooms that have poor to no wi-fi signal reception. According to superboost wifi reviews This unit is easy to use as you only need to plug it in an outlet in the dead spot, unlike other wi-fi boosters sold in the market from other brands. The Super Boost Wi-Fi Booster is also easy to install. After receiving the unit, simply remove it from the packaging, plug it to an electrical outlet located in the dead spot, connect it to your router and wait for the work of booster magic to happen.

How Does the Super Boost Wi-fi Booster Remove Wireless Dead Spots?

The Super Boost Wi-Fi Booster improves your wi-fi signal by removing the wireless dead spot in your home. Plug the unit in a socket located in the dead spot and connect it to your router. The Super Boost Wi-Fi Booster then takes the signal from the router and amplifies the signal in your dead spot. You can then have access to a strong and stable signal reception wherever you are in your home. After all, what is the use of a home with several divisions when you have no signal reception?

Why Should You Buy the Super Boost Wi-Fi Booster?

When you have dead spots in your home, the easier (and cheaper!) solution is to use a wi-fi booster. This product also offers various features:

  1. Military Signal Repeater Technology. This technology captures the poor signal in your dead spots, boost and amplify it up to 300 Mbps so that you can have a good signal in your area, similar to the signal system used in the military walkie talkies.
  • Inconspicuous Design. The Super Boost Wi-Fi Booster has a small size that allows it to be hidden easily and blend into any room it is placed. The black and white color of the unit also provides a simple yet sleek and cool design everyone will surely like!

Final Thoughts

The Super Boost Wi-Fi Booster may be the answer in removing the dreaded dead spots in your home. For the amount of $49.99, you can permanently change your wi-fi experience. You now know the product, it is time for you to grab yours now!


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