Spend your accumulated Beans at PCBWay gift shop

As you may already know, PCBWay fab house is not only a great PCB manufacturer offering a wide variety of services including PCB prototype, assembly and design of any board types, but also a viable community. They are building a strong friendship with PCBWay customers by organizing multiple shopping events, festivals and sponsorships.

PCBWay gift shop

During each event, members can earn many benefits in terms of prizes, Beans (points equivalent to cache), rewards and ability to position their projects in Bazaar.

If you are an active PCBWay customer and regularly order PCBs, earning Beans becomes easy. During seasonal festivals and contests, you may accumulate Beans really fast. They are currently running a 3rd design contest from October 2019 till 25 April 2020. And you can benefit a lot by submitting your project to participate. The steps are simple:

  • Upload your original PCB design entry (there is no limit how many to present) to PCBWay community with the keyword – “3rd PCB Design Contest.” – Instantly earn 100 Beans.
  • Write an informative introduction (Including BOM, project guide, code files, production and marketing plans) and get additional 200 – 500 Beans
  • Provide a video introduction of your project you will be rewarded by 1,000 Beans
  • If your design gets attention and you hit top places, you also get paid with cash and an additional bunch of Beans.

Each Bean is equivalent to some amount of $ which can be spent in Gift Shop.  Here you can find many excellent products such as advanced microcontroller boards for embedded projects, parts, modules, materials, tools, discount coupons and a lot more related to electronics.

Let’s take a look at what goods can be purchased in the gift shop. In the best sales category, you will find many electronics related stuff. Some of them already are out of stock – indicating that these are actively exchanged for Beans or cache.

PCBWay ruller

One of the popular gifts is a Ruler-Matte worth 50 beans or $5. The ruler is great for referencing different SMT components such as QFN, TDFN, SOIC, SOP, J-Lead. By looking at the ruler, you may get a good feeling about how big particular parts are and how to solder them. The ruler is also loaded with tons of other PCB metrics such as different pad sizes, holes, trace widths and more. If you are an active PCB designer or hobbyists, it should definitely be on your desk. You can get different colour coated rulers that match your PCB style. You can check out our review on purchasing and analyzing the ruler here.

Arduino Uno

Here are loads of different Arduino boards, sensors and displays. For 2200 Beans you can grab an original Arduino UNO rev3 board. It features ATMega328P microcontroller having 14 digital and 6 Analog programmable pins.  There are a lot of more different Arduino types to chose, including Mega2560, Leonardo, micro or nano boards. Arduino is well supported, and have a strong community built around a dedicated IDE. You can start playing with different projects right away by typing only a few lines of code.

PCBWay cash coupon

Lastly, if you have loads of Beans and don’t want to purchase any electronics goods. You can always exchange them to Discount or cash coupons. Discount coupons are great if your order is more significant because it can cover up to 15% of the total cost. The cash coupons cover the amount (600 Beans for $5) entirely on your next PCB prototype order.

Piece of advice. If you are going to order a PCB prototype or other services such as assembly, be sure to check if there currently aren’t any shopping festivals, contests or giveaways running. You may be surprised how much cheaper you can get away with your next order.

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