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Seven Things a Designer Needs from You

When hiring a developer to create your business website, you want to make sure you do everything you can to make the job as easy as possible. Your site is the crux of your online presence, and it needs to bring in as many potential clients as possible. Communication must be open and honest, but they need to know the direction to take. Before starting any project, it is best to have a clear idea of what you want your site to do for you. The following are seven things any professional in website design in Chester will require from you.

What is the Purpose of Your Business?

When a designer knows your business, they can tailor a site to reach potential clients. Websites selling goods will look and feel different than sites offering services. Make sure when you converse with a professional, they are clear on your industry and the product you offer.

What do you Want to Accomplish?

Do you want your website to answer questions, or are you driving for sales? Developers already know that you want to generate leads and grow your business. However, they need more specifics. Be ready with the information from your business plan so they can create an effective site.

Do you Already Have a Site?

Many businesses currently already have a basic site they have thrown together. WordPress and Wix have made it easy to create a cookie-cutter webpage where information is provided. The problem with these sites is the fact they are not customized for your specific business. Developers will want information on this site so they can study analytics. They will look at your search engine rankings and formulate a plan to optimize your site. It is possible that creating a new site from scratch would be a better option.

Who are your Competitors?

Developers will want to know who your competitors are so they can see what they are finding effective. Before conversing with a designer, do your research as well. Look at what you like about what your competition is doing, and figure out how you can mimic it on your site. Designers have the expertise to take these aspects and make them unique to your company’s style. They will also show you how and why your competition is ranking higher than you and what changes you should consider.

What Are Your Preferences?

There are thousands of layouts, font styles, and colors available to choose from when it comes to web design. Search the internet and find sites you like. Developers will want to know your preferences to create a site that represents who you are.

Who are Your Customers?

It is impossible to create a site that brings in potential customers if a designer is unsure who you are targeting. Developers will want to know your audience’s age, demographics, and problems you are hoping to solve.

Do You Have a Style Guide?

Branding is all about making things look the same for your business, regardless of where your name appears. Professionals know what colors and fonts appear the same, regardless of the operating system is being used to access your page. When you come to the table with a brand style guide, they can apply it to your webpage to match the remainder of your online presence.

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