Reasons You Need To Talk To Your Doctor About Erectile Dysfunction Now

Having issues keeping or getting the erection can be full of stress. And it isn’t always easy to talk to your doctor about bedroom problems. But it is essential too, even if you are ashamed. In most conditions, ED can be the reason for a severe medical condition, and it is a disease that can be treated easily. In fact, about half of the men have experienced this condition. 

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The doctors used to think that most of these cases are because of emotional or mental problems, but now they know that it is the physical cause. Various conditions can lead to Erectile Dysfunction, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, stress, and medicines. Doctors understand that at a certain age, ED can occur, but it’s not the normal sign of ageing. 

Find a solution to your problem by talking to your doctor about the issue and what can be the best treatment option for you. 

Explain your symptoms in detail

The conversation involves discussing the symptoms. Before getting the appointment, make sure to note down your symptoms not to forget anything. Your doctor might ask if this is the first time you are experiencing this or had the same issue in the past. Your doctor would also want to know about the changes that you experienced first. Being open and honest in front of the doctor will only help you to get the best treatment. 

You can consider visiting a doctor with your partner so you could be comfortable, and treating ED is simple when both the partners are involved.

How will a doctor diagnose ED?

After answering some of the questions and talking about the symptoms, your doctor will ask for a physical examination which will focus on blood and health vessel health, your genitals, and the nervous system. You might also have to get the urine test done. After examining the physical exam, lab tests, and symptoms, your doctor will look for the major cause of Erectile Dysfunction.

Describe your lifestyle habits and medication use

Certain medications can lead to ED. Show all your prescriptions to the doctor, supplements, vitamins, and herbal products. This will help the doctor find out the root of the cause. 

The doctor will also ask about the daily routine. Make sure, to be honest, because they can be the cause of ED. A doctor would suggest quitting alcohol, smoking, losing weight, and increase your physical activity. Both of you together can find different ways to overcome Erectile Dysfunction.

Ask for the treatment options

There are many useful ways to treat Erectile Dysfunction. But, the first thing is to treat the underlying medical condition. The doctor will prescribe oral medicines, injections, or suppositories. The implants and surgeries can also take place depending upon the cause. 

Finding the right treatment takes time. Ensure to stick to the treatment recommended by the doctor. Ask why this treatment is beneficial and consider getting a second opinion if you have doubts. You’ll get more information and feel confident with the treatment decision.

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