Python in marketing: 5 benefits of using this language

A python is an excellent tool for automating your digital marketing processes and simplify how you carry out your daily activities. Obviously, you will need to combine your coding skills with professional marketing expertise to get the best out of the tool. Enroll with Python training online to learn some Python skills in advance.

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Python’s key areas that can come in handy include page indexation for SEO, data mining and scraping price monitoring, and content optimization.

This post explains five benefits of using this programming language to automate and streamline marketing activities.

Content optimization

As a marketer, one of your best tools is to test various versions of your website, app, or ad to identify one that offers the highest conversion rates. A/B testing is one such popular method for identifying winners based on conversions.

Python comes with powerful features for conducting seamless A/B tests and thus an excellent addition for marketers interested in statistical data. The tool also allows you to implement even more advanced content optimization techniques, including the multi-armed contextual bandits’ method. You might need to learn a bit more advanced coding skills like Python Try and Except for the latter.

Data collection and analysis

If you’re like most marketers, you collect lots of data from multiple sources and points for processing and analysis. A few places where you likely gather your data include:

  • Emails and SMSes
  • Customer surveys
  • Social media
  • Heat maps on your website
  • Commercial data files

With all this data streaming in every day, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and maybe even miss out on good opportunities for moving your business forward. Luckily, you can use Python to collect and organize your data to make it easier to process and digest.

For example, Python can help to sync email and SMS responses to ensure that you’re responding to your customers appropriately. You can also implement the tool to track trending marketing news and developments on social media. Finally, you can create a Python script to track changes in web page rankings, whether for your website or competitors’.

Customer feedback analysis

When you’re running a big or busy business, it can get hectic tracking customer feedback. The problem gets even bigger when you have multiple channels that customers can use to leave comments about their experience with your products. This is where automation using Python comes in!

This programming language supports natural language processing (NLP) functions and can effectively automate customer feedback processing. For example, you can set up the tool to provide you with deep insights on aspects such as:

  • Change of perception by the customer on your products over time
  • Features your customers like or dislike about your products
  • Whether or not your target clientele develops some form of emotional attachment to your product

The best part about all of this is you don’t need high-level coding skills to configure a feedback analysis tool. Besides, many open-source Python libraries and pre-trained models on the web make it easy to automate this process for your business.


If you are not optimizing your online business for search engines, you’re missing out a lot on valuable traffic and revenue. When implemented correctly, SEO has one of the highest returns on investments (ROI) compared to most digital marketing methods today.

However, SEO is not always easy to crack especially if you’re not automating the many trivial tasks involved. For example, part of your job as an SEO marketer is to track website issues such as broken links, robot text files, meta descriptions, image alt texts, navigation maps, and content duplication. You can detect the good news whenever these issues arise by setting up a Python code for automating common SEO processes.

This means you’re able to detect these issues as soon as they appear and resolve them before they can cause significant damage to your search engine rankings.

Massive file operations

If your work as a marketer involves a lot of copying, editing, and removing of files based on predefined conditions such as data strings, timestamp, or changes in files, then you have a perfect opportunity to automate it using Python codes. Apart from making your work easier, automation helps to improve the efficiency of data processing in several ways, including:

  • More accurate filling out of forms and Excel sheets
  • Effective tracking of modification made to important website files
  • Improved reading of file properties and attributes

Final thoughts

Python is rapidly changing how digital marketers approach common (and often repetitive) processes such as data mining, file management, and SEO errors management, among others. Take advantage of the free resources available on the internet today to learn how to code using the language. Transform your marketing skills and boost your results. 

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