Poor Mobile Connection and Cell Phone Signal Booster

You’re finally moving out of the city. A house of your dream in the peaceful countryside far from noise, crazy traffic, smog, and signal reception…Could you assume it would be like this?
Mobile connection in rural areas is often unreliable. You can pick up instead a strong signal outside your house, but it’s not possible to get it inside. The countryside is not the only area where you can lack coverage. Even in the offices in the very heart of a busy city, it’s often hard to make calls and access speedy 3G. Why does it happen today when mobile network service is at such a high level?!

Why can the mobile signals be poor?

  • Long distance from the mast
    Cell towers are all across our cities, but they’re still places that stay out of coverage because of too long a distance from them. Towers are usually established closer to the city as the quality mobile connection is a top priority for mobile operators, while rural areas come second in the queue. That’s why if you live in the suburbs, you’ll likely receive a seamless signal, but if your house is farther away, the possibility of receiving reliable service decreases.
  • Underground area

You can have an excellent signal at home, but in the garage, office, café or shop located underground, you can face signal problems again. It’s so because it’s hard for signals to penetrate the ground.

  • Thick walls and other man-made barriers

This is true both for rural and urban areas. As mentioned before, mobile signal reception out of the city always leaves much to be desired, but the reason can be not only the distance from the cell tower but also the thickness of the walls of the house you live in. If it’s a huge villa or even a castle on a few floors enclosed with a reinforced fence, get ready to struggle with poor signal reception. In the city, you can be surrounded by high-rise buildings and skyscrapers

  • Natural impediments

The terrain itself can become an impediment to smooth coverage. Under terrain, we imply hills, mountains, sea, and natural barriers through which mobile signals can’t get, making you stay out of coverage.

If you’re looking for a way to overcome one of the signals mentioned above difficulties, we’d suggest a cell phone signal booster.

What is a signal booster?

Cell phone signal booster is a device designed to resolve signal problems people may have at home, at the working place, etc.

The booster enhances the signal and makes it strong enough to go through any barrier on the way.  You’ll ask in what way it’s able to do it. The booster doesn’t come alone; it goes in a single kit with indoor and outdoor antennas.


The working principle of the system is the following. An outdoor antenna outside the house picks up the signal from a cell tower; that’s why it’s crucial to fix it at the highest point where the signal is the best. The outdoor antenna sends the signal to the device, which performs the central part of the work. It enhances the signal and transmits it to the indoor antenna, which propagates boosted signal throughout your house.


Is a booster safe for users and environment?

As with any new electronic device used at home, the main argument about the signal booster is the amount of radiation it emits. No matter how powerful the booster is, it doesn’t produce more electromagnetic emissions than a mobile phone. Moreover, since a repeater comes in a system with two antennas, the radiation is divided among all three components, and only a minimum of it comes to home.

In addition, a mobile signal booster reduces electromagnetic emissions your mobile phone produces because it doesn’t have to spend a lot of energy on constantly searching for a strong signal.  The investigations even mention the figure of emission decrease by up to 60 times.  It also helps your phone battery last longer.


Where to find a signal booster?

You can look for a booster in shops that offer mobile phone accessories, but the online choice is much broader. As with any product on the market, mobile boosters can be of high and low level. eBay and amazon are just overwhelmed with devices of questionable quality, though you can find some excellent pieces of kit there as well. The best and easiest way to choose the right booster, which values its money, is to purchase from direct cell phone booster producers. The brands which already earned clients’ confidence are Huaptec, HiBoost, etc.

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